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Magazines and Other Publications Covering Baseball

  13 Lots      

Lot 463.  November 1916 Issue of "Baseball Magazine." This “World Series Number,” with a colorful illustration on the front cover, is loaded with interesting baseball information on the World Series and other topics. Photos are abundant, showing Mordecai Brown and Christy Mathewson shaking hands; Ty Cobb; Babe Ruth as a Red Sox pitcher; Jack Coombs and Wilbert Robinson; Harry Hooper and many more. There are articles on Jake Daubert; “Who Will Win the World’s Championship?”; Ray Schalk, “The American League’s Premier Catcher”; Grover Alexander; Harry Coveleskie; and “The Greatest Race in Baseball History.” The back cover has been removed, and the front cover is g. The inside pages are vg-ex.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 464.  June 1920 Issue of "Baseball Magazine" with a Famous Ty Cobb Photo on the Cover. On July 23, 1910, Charles Conlon took what is arguably the most famous photo in the history of baseball. In it, Ty Cobb is stealing third base. New York Yankees third baseman Jimmy Austin is also featured. Inside are articles on Tris Speaker and Billy Sunday. G-vg.
Winning Bid $138     

Lot 465.  Dec. 1925, March 1935 “Baseball Magazine” Issues with Pittsburgh Pirates Covers. Pirates’ manager Bill McKechnie and Washington manager Stanley Harris share the cover of the Dec. 1925 “World’s Champions’ Number” edition. In the photo, Harris congratulates McKechnie after Pittsburgh won the World Series in seven games. Inside, the Series receives extensive coverage. On the inside of the front cover is a reproduction of a J.F. Kernan painting of Christy Mathewson, who had passed away two months earlier. Vg issue with a 2.5” spine split at the top and pages that grade better. A portrait of Paul Waner, the 1934 N.L. batting champion, is the subject of the March1935 cover. “Big Poison” is pictured again in an article on the five top batters in both leagues. The magazine has articles also on Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Walter Johnson, Babe Ruth and others. Two 1/8” punch holes run through the entire publication, one at the upper right, and the other, at the lower right. Without the punch holes, the magazine would be g-vg with vg-ex pages
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 466.  May 1935 “Baseball Magazine” with Babe Ruth, Bill McKechnie on the Front Cover. The front and back covers are detached from the magazine and separated from each other. The covers have chips and tears along the edges. The “Baseball Magazine” header and the photo would display well if matted. The pages of the magazine are g+ to vg. Mickey Cochrane and Arky Vaughan are pictured inside the front and back covers, respectively.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 467.  26 “Sporting News” Issues, 1935-1962 – 15 from the 1930s and 7 from the 1940s. Varying degrees of foxing and tears, common with newsprint, are present, especially in the earlier issues. Some are somewhat rough but complete, reading copies that provide interesting details and insights on mid-19th century baseball history. Vg overall. 1935 (12 issues): Jan. 31; Feb. 14; Feb. 21, Lefty O’Doul photo; March 14, photos of Cronin, Cochrane, Frisch, Hornsby, W. Johnson, Terry, Traynor, etc.; March 21; March 28, Dizzy Dean-Bill Terry feud, photos of Cochran, Foxx, Mack and others; April 18; July 11, photo of Jimmy Foxx on the front page, All-Star Game coverage; Aug. 8, Lou Gehrig in an ad for Camel cigarettes; Oct. 31; Nov. 7, photos of Ruth, Speaker, Young, etc.; and Nov. 21, photos of Baker, Bender, Cochrane, Lajoie, Waddel and others. 1938 (3 issues): May 19, front-page photos of Cal Hubbard as a football player and baseball umpire, now in the Pro and College Football Halls of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame; July 14,front-page photo of Babe Ruth in a Dodgers uniform; and Dec. 8. 1945 (3 issues): Sept. 27, front-page Willard Mullin cartoon featuring Happy Chandler; Oct. 11, p condition, Mullin front-page cartoon, photos of Cochrane, Greenberg, Rickey, etc.; Nov. 1, several photos of Jackie Robinson and a photo Branch Rickey inside, Bill Veeck on the cover. 1946 (1 issue): July 10, article on the failure of especially the A.L. to add right-handed pinch hitters to the All-Star team. 1947 (2 issues): April 16, Leo Durocher and Jackie Robinson on the front cover, Babe Ruth inside; July 14, 14th annual All-Star Game issue, photos of Mel Ott, Jackie Robinson, Warren Spahn plus Mullin front-page cartoon. 1948 (1 issue): June 23, front-page photo and a full page of photos inside covering Babe Ruth’s final appearance at Yankee Stadium; tears on the front cover, inside pages ex. 1952 (1 issue): Dec. 31, front-page drawings of 1952 award winners – Roberts, Skowron, Stanky, Appling, Weiss, Cook and Lyons. 1959 (1 issue): Oct. 14, photos of Drysdale, Ford, Greenberg, Hornsby, W. Johnson, Killebrew, Martin, Koufax, Wynn and others). 1960 (1 issue): Jan. 20, artist’s sketch of Willie Mays on the front page, photos of Ashburn, Drysdale, McCovey, Rickey, etc., inside. 1962 (1 issue): Sept. 8, front-page Mullin cartoon with Stengel, photos inside of Cepeda, Hodges, Veeck, Wills, etc.
Winning Bid $100     

Lot 468.  1939 and 1940 Issues of “The Wind-Up” Magazine. The 1939 issue is the inaugural edition of “The Wind-Up,” heralded on its cover as “America’s Baseball Annual.” Lefty Gomez of the Yankees is the cover subject. Inside are 62 pages of copy and photos covering the American and National Leagues and the minors. Ten player photos accompany an profile of each major league team. A brief article on each team in four minor leagues is supported by six player photos. Ex. Lefty Grove is on the cover of the 1940 issue. The format is essentially the same as for the 1939 edition. A young Phil Rizzuto is pictured as a member of the American Association’s Kansas City team. Ex.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 469.  1942 “Street & Smith’s Baseball Pictorial Year Book." This issue is the second ever of this venerable and popular baseball annual. Howie Pollet is the cover subject. Inside are 98 pages of articles covering each team and the effects of World War II on baseball. Ex-m.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 470.  4 “Baseball Magazines” 1946-54, and 10 Player Photos from Inside the Magazine. The May 1946 issue has Lou Boudreau and Bob Feller on the front cover, which is Almost separated from the pages. G overall with vg-ex pages. Ray Coleman of the St. Louis Browns, umpire Bill McKinley and other players are in an action scene on the Jan. 1948 cover. The front cover has separated and the back cover is loose; the magazine is complete. G. Tommy Henrich, Casey Stengel and Johnny Mize share the cover of the March 1950 issue. Inside is an article on Robin Roberts. Vg+ to ex. The World Series is the focus of the Oct. 1954 issue. It has a sketch of Bob Feller on the cover and contains articles by Shirley Povich, Frank Graham, Tom Meany, Lee Allen and Christy Walsh. Vg-ex. The players on the inside of various covers from the magazine are: Cy Blanton, Bob Feller (trimmed), Whitey Ford (trimmed, 4 pinholes), George Gibson, Charlie Hargreaves, “Babe” Herman, Ralph Kiner (trimmed, 4 pinholes), Fred Schulte who appears on an inside cover with Walter Johnson on the front, “Pie” Traynor and Arky Vaughan. These photos average g.
Minimum Bid $25     

Lot 471.  4 Comic Books, 1947-1978, Each with Baseball Content. 1. “Circling The Bases,” a 1947 comic for youth on the fundamentals of base running. The comic was created, in cooperation with Spalding, to promote an American League film with the same title. Featuring Snuffy Stirnweiss of the Yankees and two other players, it was the first training film ever produced by the A.L. The comic book, which grades fine, has a Willard Mullin cartoon on the back cover. 2. “Tom and Jerry Comics,” 1952 from Dell, Stan Musial Wheaties ad on the outside back cover, g+ to vg. 3. DC special No.9, “Strangest Sports Stories Ever Told!” with the front cover asking the perplexing question, “Who was the mysterious Worlds’ Series team that couldn’t be seen?” Inside, the lead story is titled “Challenge of the Headless Baseball Team.” Published in 1970, fine. 4. “Man From Atlantis” from Marvel Comics, 1978, with ad featuring Johnny Bench for Louisville Slugger on the outside back cover. Vg-fine.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 472.  1950 "Baseball Stars" Magazine #2-1950 with DiMaggio, Robinson, Williams on the Cover. Published by Dell, this 98-page publication offers an enjoyable mix of photos and information. It includes articles on baseball’s 10 best batters, pitchers, outfielders and infielders, as well as the five best catchers. Vg+ cover with ex pages.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 473.  11 Different 1950s-1960s “Life” Magazines – All with Baseball Superstar Covers. These issues average vg-ex with an address label on the cover unless otherwise noted. 1. Sept. 1, 1941, Ted Williams in uniform with a bat on his shoulder, text says “No. 1 Batter.” 2. Aug. 1, 1949 (no address label), Joe DiMaggio portrait, “It’s Great to Be Back by Joe DiMaggio.” 3. May 8, 1950, Jackie Robinson portrait, “Jackie Robinson Star Ballplayer Stars in a Movie.” 4. June 8, 1953 (no address label), Roy Campanella in uniform swinging a bat, “Roy Campanella Baseball’s Greatest Catcher.” 5. Sept. 14, 1953, Casey Stengel portrait with Yankees cap, “Casey Stengel’s Winning Smile.” 6. June 25, 1956, Mickey Mantle in Yankees uniform, batting stance, “The Remarkable Mickey Mantle.” 7. July 21, 1958, Roy Campanella in traction after his accident, “Roy Campanella Sits Up and Smiles.” 8. Sept. 28, 1962, Don Drysdale pitching, “Don Drysdale Dodger Strong Arm.” 9. Aug. 2, 1963, Sandy Koufax portrait, adjusting his cap, “The Dodgers’ Sandy Koufax.” 10. July 30, 1965, Mickey Mantle close-up portrait, “Mantle’s Misery: He faces physical pain and a fading career.” (But he did have two more All-Star seasons!) 11. Sept. 8, 1967, Carl Yastrzemski in a Red Sox uniform running to first, “Carl Yastrzemski, Boston’s Slugger singles against Chicago.”
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 474.  3 Baseball Publications Loaded with Player Photos - 1956, 1961 and 1971. All photos are black & white. The 5” x 7” 1956 issue of “Baseball Pictorial”, from William M. Jacobellis, advertises “800 Photos of Every Major Leaguer” on the front cover, which pictures Aaron, Kluszewski, Mantle, Musial, Pierce, Score and Snider. The 1955 World Champion Brooklyn Dodgers team is inside the front cover, and the A.L. Champion New York Yankees, inside the back cover. The 98-page publication has at least five pages of photos for each Major League team. The inside pages show photos throughout of major league ballplayers. G overall with the front and back pages connected but separated from the pages, which are ex. In 1961 JKW Sports Publications launched its series of sports “Photo Albums.” Volume 1 of the “Old Timer’s Baseball Photo Album” presents more than 300 photos, including Anson, Cobb, DiMaggio, Gehrig, Mathewson, Ruth, Wagner and others on the front cover. It contains “Over 300 Collector’s Item Photos of Famous Old Timers from the 1890’s on” in an 8.5” x 11.5” format. Among the players shown inside are Cochrane, Dean, Feller, Foxx, Greenberg, Grove, Hornsby, Hubbell, Joe Jackson, Walter Johnson, Ott, Paige, Reese, Rizzuto, Thorpe and Cy Young. Ex with ex-m to nm inside pages. Volume 4 of the “Old Timer’s Photo Album,” in the same format as Volume 1, also has more than 300 photos. Berra, Ford, Koufax, Mantle and Spahn and others are on the front cover along with others, and Colavito, Fox, LaSorda, Maris, Mathews and Roberts are among the stars inside. Vg-ex cover with nm to nm-m pages.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 475.  1961 and 1962 “Baseball Photo and Autograph Albums” Published by JKW Sports Publications Inc. in a magazine format, these albums were designed for autograph collectors. Each issue contains at least 64 pages with at least 600 b&w photos. Three or four pages of photos are devoted to each Major League team. The 1961 edition has 10 full-page photos, including Warren Spahn, Dick Groat, Frank Howard, Willie Mays, Roger Maris, Jim Perry, Vic Wertz, and Harmon Killebrew, Bob Allison and Jim Lemon together. All the major stars of the era are pictured. The 1961 edition is nm. The 1962 edition shows some rubbing along the spine and otherwise ex-m+.
Winning Bid $45     

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