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Early 1900s Baseball Postcards – Comic, Stadium, Team Issues, Locals, Etc.

  12 Lots      

Lot 234.  2 Early 1900s Postcards Depicting Women in Baseball – Both are Unused. The first features the photo of “The Western Bloomer Girls...Ladies’ Champion Base Ball Club.” Teams of “bloomer girls” originated in the late 19th century to give women the opportunity to play baseball. It was not uncommon to have two men on a team. Often one was the pitcher, and the other, the catcher. These teams barnstormed across the U.S., playing both amateur and semi-pro teams. This postcard apparently is from 1910-12 and pictures a team from Watervliet, Mich. Vg –ex. Maud Nelson established the team. She was an excellent player who became a team owner. The team played a game in Allentown, PA, on Aug. 24, 1910. The second postcard is a real-photo example with a sepia photo of a woman in full uniform holding a baseball and wearing a catcher’s glove. This postcard seems to be from the late 1800s or early 1900s. Ex.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 235.  1903 and 1905 Postcards Featuring Championship Baseball Teams. The 1903 postcard shows members of the Newburyport High School baseball team in a b&w photo. This Massachusetts team is identified as “Essex County Championship, 1903.” The postcard is unused and ex. Members of the Williamsport PA team appear on a sepia real-photo postcard as “Champions of the Tri-State League 1905.” Each player’s last name has been neatly written in. The card, postally cancelled, is g-vg.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 236.  3 Real-Photo Postcards, Each Featuring an Early 1900s Baseball Team. None of these cards has been mailed. The first postcard shows members of the “Union Valley Base Ball Nine, Union Valley, N.Y.” Ex-m. The 1911 team of the 169th Co., Ft. Monroe, VA, appears in a sepia photo on the second postcard. Twelve players are pictured, along with an officer and a batboy. Vg+ to ex. The team in the third postcard is unidentified. In a sepia photo, 15 team members sit on the front entry steps to a building. G-vg.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 237.  4 Early 1900s Real-Photo Postcards, Each Featuring a Baseball Player in Uniform. These postcards, all with sepia photos, were never mailed. Players and teams are largely unidentified. “W.H.S.” is on the jersey, and “W” on the cap, of a player bent over as if to field a ground ball. Vg-ex. In another photo, a player wears a catcher’s mitt and chest protector. “Alex Pratt,” possibly the player’s name, is written neatly on the back of the card. Vg-ex. A third player has a “P” on his jersey. His glove hand is extended above his head. Pencil writing on the back indicates that the card was to be mailed to Dalton, MA. F-g. The final postcard captures a player in action in an oval-shaped image. A “W” is on the player’s jersey. G-vg.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 238.  5 Early 1900s Real-Photo Postcards, Each with a Baseball Theme. All but one of these postcards were never mailed. Four have sepia photos; one is b&w. Most have some identifying information on the back. The first postcard shows “our family reunion 1913.” At the right in the photo, several men play baseball, next to a group of musicians, as a large number of people watch from the porch and lawn. Vg-ex. The postally used postcard, cancelled on July 30, 1909, features a man with a top hat batting and a catcher behind him waiting for the pitch. G-vg. In the b&w postcard, two men wearing baseball uniforms stand next to two horses. “From Robert Leonhardt Feb. 26, 1911. Robert & Albert” is written on the back in pencil. Vg+ to ex. A game is in progress in the fourth postcard. The batter has completed his swing. The catcher is behind him, and onlookers are in the background. Ex+. The final postcard has 10 individuals, some in uniform, posed on the front. “Field Day. Sept. 12, 1908” is on the back and possibly “Engravers Base Ball Team.” The names of the players are provided. Ex.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 239.  1906 Chicago Cubs Pennant Winners Post Card. A black and white photo of the team appears on the front. Notables include Mordecai Brown, Frank Chance, Johnny Evers and Joe Tinker. Players’ names are below the photo, followed by “Chicago National League Ball Club 1906 The ‘Cubs’ - Pennant Winners.” The post card is unused. It appears to be very slightly trimmed at the top and has a stain in each corner on the undivided back. The front is not affected and has a vg appearance.
Winning Bid $225     

Lot 240.  7 Different PC765-1 1907 Dietsche Detroit Tigers Postcards. None of the cards has been mailed or blemished by a stamp. The cards are of Edward Killian vg, George Mullin ex, Charles O’ Leary vg, Fred Payne f, Claud Rossman g-vg, Charles Schmidt vg and Edward Siever g.
Winning Bid $185     

Lot 241.  5 Different Pittsburgh Forbes Field Circa 1909-1911 Pre-Linen Postcards. All of these postcards have color fronts and divided backs, and all but one are borderless. 1. No. 24777 on the front, aerial view of Forbes Field, “New Base Ball Stadium and Park, Pittsburg, Pa” at the top left on the front, no publisher. Addressed on the back and dated July 27, 1909, but not mailed. Ex-m to nm. 2. No. 2795 on the front, “Entrance to Forbes Field, Pittsburg, Pa.” in the upper left, fans leaving the ball park, no bunting shown. This postcard was postally cancelled on Sept. 21, 1911. G-vg. 3. No. 29048 on the back, aerial view from the outfield with the ball park empty, “Pittsburgh, Pa. Interior, Ball Park.” in the lower left and “Photo Copyrighted 1909 by Pittsburgh Athletic Co.” at the lower right. The R. W. Johnston Studios Inc., of Pittsburgh issued the postcard, which was printed in Germany. The card was addressed but not mailed. G-vg with a chipped upper right corner. 4. No. A65513 on the back, “Entrance to Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, Pa.” in the lower left border, published by Robbins & Son of Pittsburgh. The photo shows a few fans waiting to enter the park and a newsboy. Unused and vg+ to ex. 5. No. 24789, essentially the same photo as A65513 above, “Forbes Field, Champion Pirates’ Base Ball Park, Pittsburg, Pa.” across the top and centered to the left. Unused and ex-m.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 242.  21 1910 PC798-10 Roth & Langley Humorous Baseball Postcards. Eighteen different titles and three variations from a set that apparently is complete with 24 titles make up this collection. Unless otherwise noted, the title is at or toward the top: A Balk, title at the bottom; A Close Decision; A Close Game, 2, one title at the top and the other at the bottom; Back Stop; Catching a Fly, title at the bottom; Double Play, 2, one title in the upper right and the other at the bottom; Instructions, 2, one title in the upper left and the other at the bottom; Kill the Umpire; Knocked Out of the Box; Over the Fence is Out, title at the bottom; Play Ball; Safe; Safe at First; Score 1 To 1; Score 3 To 1; Squeeze Play; Strike One; and Tie Game. Twelve of these cards were mailed in the period 1910-13. Three cards grade p. The others are g-vg. The other titles in the set apparently are: “A Triple Play,” “Batter Up,” “Come On, Boys,” “Line Hit,” “The Hits of the Game,” and “Who Wins.”
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 243.  63 Early 1900s Baseball Comic Postcards from 20 Different Series. All different. An average grade is provided for each series. Grades are based on the card fronts; some have minor pencil writing on the back, and some have been mailed. Some card titles are abbreviated. PC798-1 Fan-ie Series 100: I am up in the air, If I catch you, I’m in the field and It’s better to be one. Vg-ex. PC798-2 Series 312: A Base on Balls, A Delayed Steal, A Double Steal, A Home Run, A Phenomenal Stop, A Sacrifice Hit, Making a Squeeze, Stealing Home and Three Strikes Out. One p, one f, one g, six average vg. PC798-4, Series No. 5017: Don’t “Judge” Me Too Harshly and I’d Like To “Catch” On To A Nice Girl. Vg-ex. PC798-5 8811, player imposed on yellow sun: Come along and If it feels good. G+. PC798-6 Signed Crosby: A Nice Little Single, Brought Home, He Made a Hit and Second Baseman. One g, three average vg+. PC798-7 ZIM “Baseball”: A Slide for First. F+. PC798-8 “Baseball Series”: Lining ‘Em Out. G. PC798-9 Colonial Art: A Balk, A Sacrifice, Breaking her contract and Catching a hot one. Vg. PC798-10 Roth and Langley: Catching a Fly, Safe and Strike One (titles at bottom) and Come On Boys, Safe at First and Squeeze Play (titles at top). One p, one g, two vg, two vg-ex. PC798-11 B&w border and photos, “Crescent” on uniforms: Hard to Beat. F-g. PC798-12 Alfred James Dewey: Caught Stealing. Vg-ex. PC798-14 Crossed bats and ball: He raves, He wants and Money to spare. Vg. PC798-20 S 125 Little boys in overalls: Pickin’ It Out Of The Ether. Vg-ex. PC798-22 C S 507 All with a boy and girl: I’ll See You, I’m Tired of Outfielding and No Umpire Needed. One f with pinhole, brief writing on front and two vg+. PC798-23 Cobb X Shinn: I guess, Say! here’s a hot one and You may think. One f-g, one vg, one vg-ex. PC798-24 O. D. Williams: The Spit Ball (small type), Trun (Turn) it inta, Hey! youse watch, Oh! You pop fly, They come and I may be a little. Vg. PC 798-35 Embossed, older man: Casey at the Bat. G-vg. PC798-36 Series 809 The National Game: An Easy Catch, Making a Home, Take Your Base, We Win and You’re Out. Four vg+ to ex, one ex. PC 798-40 Series No. 18 J. J. Marks: I’m a plain little baseball fan and Perhaps I am not the best looker. One vg and one ex. PC798-44 Valentine & Sons: A Little Argument, A Merry, Well Stopped! And 3 Strikes Out. Vg-ex.
Winning Bid $163     

Lot 244.  51 Early 1900s Comic Postcards – “Singles” and from Baseball and Non-Baseball Series. All different. Grades are based on the card fronts; some have minor pencil writing on the back, and some have been mailed. Some card titles are abbreviated. If you need additional details, please call us. These cards are “singles”; they are not part of a series: A Base Hit, ball hits and old man, g-vg. A Close Decision, #60, Roth & Langley, vg. A Pitcher with All Kinds of Curves, writing on front, f. Gee! Aint It Hell To Be Poor, Series 753, g. Good Eye, signed Beaty, writing on front, p. Had I een the BATTER’S skill, runner slides to a heart as home plate, g. Honey You Sure Made a Big Hit With Me!, #207, ex. I Elect You Member of the Bug Club, writing on front, p-f. If you would make a hit with me, C S 508, vg. It Went Against His Stomach, front writing, otherwise vg-ex. I’ve Never Touched a Drop, signed Crosby, vg. Of course I’m fond of candy, two hearts in corner, vg. Somebody Goofed!, signed Tony Roy, the chicken and the eggs, ex-m. Strike, One! Strike, Two!, two photos, Colonial Art, f. The Ball Player, F.L. 330, catcher, vg+. The Base-ball player, F.L. 151, signed Gassaway, front writing, otherwise vg. The Chaplain Umpires, Fun in the Navy Series, vg-ex. The Home Bawl Team, Komic Kids Series 189, g+ to vg. The umpire’s job looks good, Roth & Langley, vg. There’s-a-Reason, Series No. 26, g-vg. Valentine Greetings: I’m a mighty muscular Base Ball Man, vg-ex. Wow, Wow,…Rolling Up a Score, batter with silhouette of a tiger, front writing, otherwise vg. You made an awful hit with me, Comics Series No. 16, vg-ex. No title, embossed, beautiful card, catcher and batter, U.S. flag, rose and harp, vg-ex. THE FOLLOWING CARDS ARE BASEBALL POSTCARDS FROM NON-BASEBALL SERIES. The title follows the series description: Dog and Diapered Curly Haired Boy by Ullman: Play Ball, front writing, f. How Can You Do It, signed DWIG: How Can You Do It on 4 30 Per?, vg+. Helen E. Jeffers Series 89: If I were a “Freshman” young and green, vg+. J Johnson Valentine Series No. 407: To My Sweetheart (Do I), vg-ex. That’s What They All Say! Series No. 25: I Didn’t Want To Hit It That Time, vg+. The Coming Champs: (Boy with bat surrounded by other children), vg-ex. And Will I: Ever again umpire, g-vg. THE FINAL 20 CARDS ARE FROM BASEBALL SERIES. Ten series are represented: PC798-2, Series 312: A Delayed Steal, vg. PC798-36, The National Game: Take Your Base and You’re Out, g-vg and vg+ to ex. PC798-44, Valentine & Sons: 3 Strikes Out. Vg. PC798-47, H followed by a number: 960 Home Team, inning by inning score, 978 A Pitch in Time, 1002 How would you like, 1009 A “Home Run” when needed and 1011 Batter Out? Four g-vg, one with front writing, and one vg. PC798-48, signed Wall, small boys and girls: I’d like to SHORT-STOP, f-g. PC798-51, signed L. C. Phifer, Series 1820: Eve stole first and Goliath was struck, one f-g, one vg-ex. PC798-57, little boy with bat: A Puzzler for Fair and Just Keep Your Eye on the Ball, one p-f and one g. PC798-65, baseball in upper left corner: CentreFielder and Third Baseman, g+ to vg. PC798-62, P.C.K. Series B. 204: Don’t get your games Mixed! and Say! Isn’t it hard to please everybody? Vg-ex. And PC798-66, C. J. Rose: My Bat-ing Average is Growing and I’ve Got All the Curves, g-vg and vg.
Winning Bid $125     

Lot 317.  Scarce 1916 Lemp Brewing Co. Comic Series Baseball Player Print by M. H. Herget AApproximately 8.5” x 12.5,” the print is matted and framed to 14.25” x 18.5.” It is part of series of comic sports figures Herget created to promote the brewery. Herget was an archeological painter for “National Geographic.” He is widely recognized for his paintings of Native Americans. Established in 1840 in St. Louis, the Wm J. Lemp Brewing Co. was acquired in 1920 by the Griesedieck Beverage Company, which later became the Falstaff Brewing Corp. The print, which is under glass, has an ex to ex-m appearance with a narrow 1.25” edge streak that appears to be soiling and a couple of tiny background spots. Seldom seen!
Minimum Bid $75     

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