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Baseball Pins

  10 Lots      

Lot 375.  1910s Cubs Shoe Polish Pin Inspired by the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team. The front of the pin features an illustration of a bear, similar to the Chicago Cubs bear, shining his shoes. “CUB” is displayed on his shirt. Text on the back of the pin offers this pronouncement: “A bright face and shining shoes - a man’s best capital - USE CUB shoe polish.” Vg-ex to ex 1.5” pin lithographed by Martin & Martin in Chicago. A copy of this pin is included in the “Baseball Advertising Pinbacks” section of Dr. Paul Muchinsky’s excellent reference book, “Baseball Pinback Buttons.”
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 376.  4 Different 1930 PR4 Cracker Jack Pins – with HoFers Cuyler, Hartnett. “Kiki” Cuyler g, “Charley” Grimm vg, “Gabby” Hartnett vg and Lon Warneke vg-ex.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 377.  2 Different 1932 Orbit Gum Pins – Kiki Cuyler and Bill Jurges. The Cuyler pin is numbered and vg. The Jurges pin is unnumbered and ex.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 378.  1935 “Dizzy Dean Winners” Pin. Grape Nuts Cereal made this pin available as a premium. It features a bat and ball combination with “Dizzy Dean Winners” in red on the copper-colored bat. The pin is 2” long and virtually pristine, right down to the red text on the bat and the stitches on the baseball. Nm-m
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 379.  1938 Our National Game Pin of Gabby Hartnett. Vg-ex pin with the 2” x 2.5” paper backing featuring red stripes and blue stars along with this text: “Our National Game - A Baseball Hero.”
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 380.  Walter Johnson for Congress Pin and a Bonus. Legendary Washington Senators’ pitcher Walter Johnson was in the Baseball Hall of Fame’s inaugural class in 1936 – with Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner. He was also a lifelong Republican and friend of President Calvin Coolidge. After his playing career ended, Johnson settled down in Germantown, Md. In 1940 he ran for a congressional seat in Maryland’s 6th district. He lost to the incumbent Democrat by a 53% to 47% margin. This 1” in diameter pin features text on the top that reads “Primary May 6.” Johnson’s facsimile signature appears in the center of the pin, and “For Congress” is at the bottom. The paper insert on the back remains intact and in place. G. Accompanying this pin are two different Helmar Beer Hall of Fame bottle caps, apparently from the early 2000s, with illustrations of Johnson. One is #18, and the other, #19; both are vg-ex. Also, a $5 Bally’s chip depicting Johnson and honoring the inaugural (1936) Baseball Hall of Fame class. Nm.
Winning Bid $113     

Lot 381.  5 Different Chicago Cubs Pins 1950s to 1967. 1. 1950s 1 ¼” pin with a bear cub in blue on a white background surrounded by red “Chicago Cubs” lettering, ex-m. 2. 1950s ¾” logo pin, ex-m. 3. 1963 Crane’s Potato Chips, red Crane’s logo on back, yellow background on front with a brown and yellow bear and “Chicago Cubs” in red, vg. 4. 1964, possibly Guy’s Potato Chips, blank back, white background on front, bear has a brown head, “Chicago Cubs” in red, vg. 5. 1967 Crane’s Potato Chips, blue Crane’s logo on back, white background on front, bear has a blue and white head, ex
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 382.  5 1950s-1970s Pins, All Related to the Chicago Cubs. A 1950 American Nut & Chocolate 1.25” red & white Chicago Cubs pin is ex. Two 1956 Topps pins feature Cubs, Hank Sauer ex and Bill Tremel vg-ex. A 2.25” pin dated June 29, 1969, commemorates Billy Williams Day. It has a color photo of Williams superimposed over a baseball and is nm. Ron Santo Day was on Aug. 28, 1971. A 2.25” pin for this event has a color portrait of Santo and is ex.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 383.  1969 Sunoco Chicago Cubs Complete Pin Set of 9. The players are Ernie Banks nm, Glenn Beckert nm, Jim Hickman ex, Randy Hundley ex, Ferguson Jenkins ex-m, Don Kessinger nm, Joe Pepitone nm, Ron Santo ex-m and Billy Williams vg-ex.
Winning Bid $168     

Lot 384.  4 Circa 1983 “1969” MLBPA Pins, All Featuring HoFers. Bob Feller nm-m; Satchel Paige (2), one nm and one ex-m, and Phil Rizzuto nm. These 7/8” pins apparently were issued well after 1969 and are not licensed by the Players Association. The players are not in the original 1969 set.
Minimum Bid $10     

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