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Baseball Annuals – Guides, Registers, Etc.

  15 Lots      

Lot 476.  1890 Reach’s Official American Association Base Ball Guide. This American Association was a rival of the National League. It folded in 1891 The front cover of the guide displays an artist’s rendering of a batter with ring bat. The 198 pages of the guide are g to vg and loaded with statistics, including individual batting and fielding, club batting and fielding records and more. A summary of the 1889 season is provided, with coverage of the American Association, the National League and significant and less significant minor leagues. Some players have a small marking in red pencil added beside their names. The guide, though still intact, is split along the spine. A 3/8” strip of tape runs the length of the front cover at the spine. Published by the A. J. Reach Co. of Philadelphia, the guide is technically p, but complete, and it remains useful as a historic reference.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 477.  1911, 1915 and 1919 Spalding Baseball Guides. These guides are loaded with statistics and packed with photos of individual players and teams. Baker, Chance, Cicotte, Cobb, Collins, Evers, Griffith, Johnson, Huggins, Lajoie, Mack, Mathewson, McGraw, Ruth, Speaker, Tinker, Wagner and Wood are all to be found among the pages. Each appears in one or more photos and in one or more guides. The 1911 guide is the only one of the three that has retained its front and back covers, which show some chipping and creasing. G+ with vg-ex pages. The 1915 guide, which does include the back cover, has many pages that marked with pencil, ink or an “OK” stamp. The pages are otherwise vg. The 1919 guide has a few pages that are marked with ink. Otherwise, the pages are vg. Covers and some advertising pages in the back are absent.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 478.  30 Baseball Annuals and Softcover Publications. These 30 publications, including one duplicate, begin with a reprint of two 1870s publications and conclude with a 1990 promotional almanac. Four are from Spalding, including 1988 reprints of the 1877 “Constitution and Playing Rules of the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs” and “Spalding’s Official Baseball Guide 1887.” Each is nm-m. Originals from Spalding are its “Official Baseball Guide” for 1913, no covers and vg-ex pages, possibly complete, and 1938, g. Reach is the source of three “Official Base Ball Guides”: 1903, p, pages 25-308 present; 1915, g with better pages and including information on the Federal League, and 1929, p, no front cover, vg pages. Four annuals are from Baseball Magazine’s “Who’s Who” compilation of player statistics: 1929, p, pages 3-94; 1962, Whitey Ford cover, g-vg; 1966, Mays, Koufax and others on the cover, vg, and 1991, vg+ to ex. A. S. Barnes & Co. produced the “Official Baseball” annual for 1945, two copies, one g+ to vg and one p with pages 18-88. Two “Famous Slugger Year Books” are included, 1945, nm, and 1971, vg. “The Sporting News” created five of these publications: “Knotty Problems of Baseball,” 1957, p; “1961 Baseball Guide & Record Book” for Tareyton cigarettes, vg; “Official World’s Series Records from 1903 through 1962,” ex; “One for the Book,” 1971, vg; and “Official Baseball Record Book,” Lou Brock cover, ex+. Here is a list of the other annuals and books: “1953 Official Baseball Rules” from the National Baseball Congress of America, ex+; “1956 Pocket Baseball Almanac,” edited by Don Schiffer, 1956, vg; “Baseball Information Guide 1957,” 48-page pamphlet with schedules and lifetime records, vg; “The Little Red Book of Baseball 1964,” vg-ex; “Little League Baseball 1965 Official Rules,” 48-page pamphlet, g; “Major League Baseball 1966” and “1969” by Jack Zanger, 1966 vg and 1969 vg-ex; “The Baseball Rating Book,” Robert Kalich, 1969, vg; “Professional Baseball: The First 100 Years,” edited by Don Smith and Ed Croke, 1969, ex-m; and “Information Please Baseball Almanac,” Cincinnati edition and White Castle promotion, 48 pages, nm-m.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 479.  1933 Hardbound “Who’s Who in Major League Baseball." Published by Grover C. Buxton of Chicago and compiled by sportswriter Harold (Speed) Johnson, this scarce reference is what every annual should be. Consisting of 544-pages, this hardcover publication devotes a full page to several hundred baseball players. Each player is represented by a large photo. In addition, the publication provides the player’s complete record and a biographical sketch with career highlights. The “Who’s Who” starts with Earl “Sparky” Adams and ends with Tom Zachary. Judge Landis, managers, owners and other personalities also are profiled. The violet hardcover, without a dust jacket, is vg-ex with wear at the corners. Inside, “Bob Wilson 1933” is written neatly in black ink on the fly leaf, and “Bob Wilson” is again written - neatly but in pencil - on the first title page. Otherwise, the contents are vg-ex to vg+ to ex. Scarce and desirable.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 480.  “The Sporting News Record Book for 1933." Jimmy Foxx appears on the front and back covers of this 96-page 3” x 5 3/8” publication. The covers are g-vg and detached from the book. The inside pages are vg-ex and loaded with statistics and other information, including 12 pages on the 1932 World Series.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 481.  12 Editions of “Carmichael’s Who’s Who in Major Leagues” - 1937-42 and 1944-49. The editions for 1937, 1945 and 1948 are hardcovers with dust jackets. The other books are softcovers. These books contain season records, many player photos and brief biographies or summaries of season achievements. Speed Johnson edited the 1937 edition; John Carmichael is the editor for the others. All are published by B. E. Callahan, and all contain George Burke photos. 1937, hardcover with Gehrig, Dizzy Dean, Hubbell, Grove and Paul Waner on the dust jacket; vg 170-page book with a fair dust jacket. 1938, Joe DiMaggio, Gehringer, Gomez, Hartnett, Hubbell and Medwick on the front cover; vg, 166 pages. 1939, commemorates baseball’s centennial, 128 pages, vg-ex. 1940, Joe DiMaggio, Mize and Grove on the front cover, 1939 World Champions Yankees on the back, 128 pages, vg+ to ex with better pages. 1941, World Series managers, including Bill McKechnie, on the front cover and World Champion Reds on the back; ex, 128 pages. 1942, illustration on the front cover, World Champion Yankees on the back, 128 pages, ex. 1944, 128 pages, ex. 1945, 96-page ex hardcover with Newhouser, Stirnweiss and the World Champion Cardinals on the vg dust jacket. 1946, cover with photos of 28 players who served in World War II, including Joe DiMaggio, Feller, Mize, Reese and Ted Williams; vg-ex to ex, 96 pages. 1947, Musial, Newhouser, Pollet and Vernon on the cover, World Champion Cardinals on the back, 96 pages, vg-ex. 1948, ex hardcover, Jackie Robinson pictured inside as N.L. Rookie of the Year, 104-pages, vg-ex dust jacket. 1949, Enos Slaughter and others on the cover, vg-ex.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 482.  Scarce “Official Guide – National Semi-Pro Baseball for 1940. This 160-page annual provides information on the National Tournament conducted by the National Semi-Pro Baseball Congress and the top semi-pro teams in various states. Teams are pictured representing Coors, Royal Typewriter, and other businesses and communities. One of the players pictured is a very young “Freddie” Hutchinson, who participated in the 1939 National Tournament and then was signed by the Detroit Tigers. Vg.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 483.  26 Issues of the “Baseball Register” from “The Sporting News,” 1941-1993. These annuals contain the season-by-season and career statistics of major leaguers, including their years in the minors. The volumes are for 1941 vg, 1946 vg, 1953 vg+ to ex, 1954 g-vg, 1959 vg+, 1960 ex, 1961 ex+, 1962 ex+, 1963 ex-m, 1964 (Yankee Stadium cover) ex-m+, 1965 p (no front cover; ex-m pages and back cover), 1969 vg+ to ex, 1970 (Seaver cover) nm, 1971 (Mays cover) vg-ex, 1973 ex+, 1974 (Rose) vg+, 1975 (Hunter) vg+, 1977 (Morgan) ex-m, 1978 (Carew) ex, 1979 (Guidry) vg, 1980 (Yastrzemski) ex-m, 1982 (Valenzuela) vg-ex, 1986 (Mattingly) ex-m, 1987 (Schmidt) ex, 1988 ex-m+ and 1993 (Sheffield) nm.
Minimum Bid $50     

Lot 484.  10 “Major League Baseball” Annuals by Whitman/Dell, 1942-53. Whitman Publishing originated this publication in 1937, and Dell took it over in 1949. The issues for 1945-48 are especially collectible because they contain statistics for players in the All American Girls Baseball League, the source of the movie “A League of Their Own.” The 1942 issue, with Ted Williams on the cover, also has writing on the cover and otherwise is vg. Here is a list of the other issues: 1943, Williams cover, g+ to vg; 1944, Stan Musial drawing, ex; 1945, Marty Marion cover, vg+; 1946, Hal Newhouser front cover and Connie Wisniewski on the back cover, vg+; 1947, Musial front cover, Sophie Kurys on the back, vg+ to ex; 1948, Williams on the front, Doris Sams on the back, faded, vg; 1950, Joe Page cover, vg+; 1951, Phil Rizzuto cover, ex; and 1953, Robin Roberts front cover, Mickey Mantle on the back, vg-ex. The pages in these publications generally are ex-m or better.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 485.  16 “Sporting News Baseball Guides." “The Sporting News” issued the first of its guides in 1942. The 1942 “Official Baseball Record Book” grades poor, with the covers and some pages missing. Pages 7 through 508 are present. The 1943 “Baseball Guide and Record Book” is almost complete, missing the covers and one-half of the final page. Technically poor with most pages vg+ to ex. Here is the list of the other guides: 1944, Willard Mullin artwork on the cover, f-g with about 10% of the cover missing. 1945, Marty Marion taped front cover, back cover missing, f, better interior. 1948, Ewell Blackwell cover, vg. 1961, 480 pages, ex. 1964, 448 pages, vg+ to ex. 1966, cover with Sandy Koufax, Zoilo Versalles and Willie Mays, vg-ex. 1968, g-vg covers, 528 generally ex pages. 1970, Harmon Killebrew and Will McCovey cover, vg with writing on the front cover. 1975, 576 pages, vg-ex. 1977, Palmer, Munson, two others on the cover, ex. 1982, Tom Seaver cover, vg. 1986 vg (price sticker on front cover). 1988, Andre Dawson cover, 528 pages, ex. And 1992, ex+.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 486.  7 Issues of “The Little Red Book of Baseball,” 1943, 1959-61 and 1963-65. Each of these annuals contains 156 to 164 pages of statistics, records and sometimes obscure and unusual information. The 1943 edition is g-vg with tape on the spine and pencil writing on the front cover. The 1959 and 1960 issues are vg; 1961 and 1963, vg+; 1964, nm, and 1965 vg-ex. The pages generally are nm.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 487.  5 1940s Baseball Annuals from Barnes, Whitman and Carmichael ("Who’s Who"). ) A. S. Barnes & Company became the publisher of Major League Baseball’s “official guide” for 1945 and 1946. In the aftermath of an ego-spat with J. G. Taylor Spink, Baseball Commissioner Landis withdrew authorization for “The Sporting News” to publish the official guide. When Happy Chandler became commissioner in 1947, “The Sporting News” again published the “Official Guide.” The Barnes publications are vg. The 1945 edition contains 480 pages of baseball statistics and other information and 94 pages of rules. The 1946 version was reduced to 288 pages on major and minor league baseball plus the rules. The 96-page 1946 Carmichael “Who’s Who in the Major Leagues” has a page of photos devoted to each Major League team. Vg with edge chips and tears at the bottom of the last 14 pages, but not the back cover. The Whitman “Major League Baseball” for 1945 has Marty Marion on the cover and 144 pages of statistics, information and some photos inside. Vg. Stan Musial is on the cover of the 1947 issue, which is a “Dell Book” published by Whitman. Vg+, 162 pages. Both issues have information on the All-American Girls Baseball League, the inspiration for the movie “A League of Their Own.” In fact, Sophie Kurys, the league’s 1946 Player of the Year, is pictured on the back cover of the 1947 edition.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 488.  1945 and 1946 Issues of “Who’s Who in the Major Leagues." Both are soft cover editions. The 1945 issue has a g-vg cover with vg-ex pages, and the 1946 issue, a g cover with vg pages. Each 96-page book is loaded with statistics, player photos by George C. Burke and information. John Carmichael was the editor of these issues, which were published by B. E. Callahan.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 489.  29 Baseball Annuals and Other Publications from “The Sporting News." Eight different series of publications are represented: “One for the Book/Baseball Record Book,” which contains all-time baseball records, 1952 (Allie Reynolds cover), 1967, 1969, 1970 (Aaron) and 1971 (Wilhelm), 1972 (Seaver), 1975 (Brock), 1978, 1979 (Rose) and 1982 (Rose), average vg to vg-ex with last several issues stronger. “Baseball Dope Book,” with team rosters, ball park diagrams, All-Star Game histories, etc., 1953 (Ferris Fain cover), 1959, 1961, 1962, 1971, 1975 and 1978 (Steve Carlton cover), g-vg to ex-m, average vg+. “Official Baseball Guide,” 1944 and 1945, no covers, some pages missing at the front and back; 1961, g; 1966 with Koufax, Mays and Versalles on the cover, vg; 1988, vg; and 1992, vg. “World Series Records,” 1964, Mantle, Richardson and Gibson on the cover, vg; 1972, ex-m, and 1980, ex. “Baseball Register,” 1969, vg-ex. “Record Book,” 1936, p. no covers and otherwise complete. “Baseball Guide & Record Book” for Tareyton cigarettes, 1961 and 1962, vg. And “Knotty Problems of Baseball,” 1959, Willard Mullin illustration on the cover, vg-ex.
Minimum Bid $25     

Lot 490.  1955 “Little Red Book of Baseball” and 1958 Dell "Baseball Records, No. 2." The “Little Red Book,” in its “30th Yearly Edition,” provides 166 pages of baseball historical records and some full-page photos too of Yogi Berra, Willie Mays, Larry Doby and some other players. Ex+ with nm pages. The full title of the 128-page Dell publication “Joe Reichler’s Book of Great Baseball Records 1958 edition.” It also is a source of historical records and information, including seven pages of brief summaries of how various Major Leaguers fared in their first game. It has photos of various sizes, some full-page, of Cobb, DiMaggio, Foxx, Gehrig, Greenberg, Grove, Hornsby, W. Johnson, Lajoie, Mathews, Mathewson, Musial, Ott, Reese, J. Robinson, Ruth, Spahn, Speaker, Traynor, T. Williams and many others. Ex-m.
Winning Bid $15     

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