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Mementoes of the Life and Presidency of John F. Kennedy.

Lot 791. Mementoes of the Life and Presidency of John F. Kennedy. 1. Lithographed 1968 print featuring portraits of President John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, by Sanger, 12” x 16”, corners slightly stubbed, otherwise ex-m. 2. President Kennedy commemorative rug, 19” x 37”, portrait flanked by the U.S. flag and the Capitol, ex-m. 3. Coloring book with an image of President Kennedy, 1964 from Imprint Art Products, unused, ex-m with only two of the crayons present, 16 pages. The only reference to President Kennedy is on the first page, which shows his image and a quote superimposed on the Capitol. Otherwise, the softcover book features D.C. buildings and memorials. 4. A President Kennedy key chain with a 1.25” medallion with his image on one side and his “Ask not” quote on the other, ex. 5-6. BOOKS: “Triumph and Tragedy: The Story of the Kennedys,” 1968 from the Associated Press, vg+ to ex, 256-page hardback with many photos. And “The Complete Kennedy Saga! Collectors’ Edition, Four Books in One!” This 1964 publication pulls four separate books together, including the assassination of President Kennedy and aftermath, p-f with some initial pages missing, more than 290 pages present including complete sections on Lee Harvey Oswald, the Warren Report, and a section titled “In Memoriam.” 7-13. MAGAZINES or Books in magazine format: “The George Washington University Alumni Review,” Nov. 1953, “Jacqueline Lee Bouvier and John Fitzgerald Kennedy” on the cover, wedding-day photo, described as “America’s romance of the year,” vg-ex magazine. April 26, 1963 “Life” with the cover story “Charming Album of Jackie Growing Up” and a photo of her on her tenth birthday, vg-ex, 110 pages, eight pages inside on Mrs. Kennedy. “John F. Kennedy from Childhood to Martyrdom,” 1963 from Tatler Publishing, vg+ 102 pages ex, filled with photos from UPI and Chase Studies, minimal text. “One Dozen Red Roses: The Life Story of Jacqueline Kennedy,” 1964 from Tatler Publishing with UPI photos, vg+ to ex, more than 100 photos with brief captions. “Kennedy and His Family in Pictures” by the editors of ‘Look’,” 1963, ex. “The Saturday Evening Post,” Dec. 14, 1963, Norman Rockwell portrait of President Kennedy on the cover and much of the issue devoted to the President, vg+ with mailing label. Includes articles by President Eisenhower, Stewart Alsop, Jimmy Breslin and Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. And “Art News,” Summer 1964, Elaine de Kooning portrait of President on the Cover, ex. 14-15. VINYL RECORDS: From the Democratic National Committee, a 33 1/3 LP with “Senator Kennedy Speaks” on one side and “Democratic Music” on the other, unused, mint minus and a poor, plain sleeve. JFK remarks total more than nine minutes, with most devoted to “The New Frontier.” And “The Declaration of Independence Read by President John F. Kennedy,” unused 33 1/3 rpm 7” record, mint minus in a paper sleeve. 16-24. ALSO: A 1986 calendar from the Democratic National Committee with President Kennedy on the cover and pictured each month, ex-m+. It is accompanied by a mass-produced DNC solicitation letter and a flyer with a photo of JFK. A page of “Kennedy for President” stationery, vg-ex. A 1.5” x 5.5” blue on white ribbon, “I Was at the Inauguration of President Kennedy, Jan. 20, 1961, Washington, D.C.”, ex. And six cards from Topps’ 1964 John F. Kennedy card set, #2, 15, 24, 47, 50 and 61, two p-f, 4 vg or vg+. Winning Bid $15.    

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       Winning Bid  $15


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