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Republican Collectibles - Hoover, Willkie, Dewey, Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford.

Lot 789. Republican Collectibles - Hoover, Willkie, Dewey, Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford. This collection has a heavy concentration of items from the Presidency of Dwight Eisenhower. In 1928, Republicans nominated Herbert Hoover, who defeated Democrat nominee Al Smith in the November election. Participants in the nominating process are listed by state in the “Temporary Roll of Delegates and Alternate Delegates to Republic National Convention” held in Kansas City, MO, on June 12, 1928. The 32-page publication is vg with a pen mark on the front cover and pencil writing inside. 2. Hoover is the focus of a 1958 French publication on the program he led to provide humanitarian relief for Belgium (and northern France as well) during German occupation in World War I. Titled “Séance Solennelle du 5 Juillet 1958 pour Recevoir M Herbert Hoover,” the 60-page 9.75” x 12.25” softcover is vg and includes some photos of Hoover. 3. Nov. 2, 1940 “The Saturday Evening Post” with the cover question “Who Wants (Wendell) Willkie,” nice ex issue, 72 pages, four pages on Willkie’s “confused crusade” to replace Franklin D Roosevelt in the White House. 4-10. Seven “Timely Events” Posters, each 11” x 17”, from 1948. Two picture Thomas Dewey, GOP candidate for President, and a third shows his running mate, California Governor and future U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. In the others, “Republican state chairmen from twenty Midwest states” meet in Chicago; a seven-year old majorette who bet on Dewey (and lost) pushes a peanut with her nose on a school’s front steps; Oberlin College holds a mock GOP convention, complete with a couple of elephants; and soprano Virginia Davis, scheduled to sing at the GOP convention, wears clothing with the names and photos of the candidates. Generally vg or better, all with a tear, most small, along one of the folds created in mailing the posters. 11-18. Eight different photos of President Dwight Eisenhower, all 8” x 10” or somewhat larger, and all b&w. Three show him standing up while riding in an open convertible in a Nov. 18, 1952 parade in Washington, D.C. In two, he is meeting with other officials. Three are Associated Press wire photos: a 1955 meeting with Russian Premier Nikolai Bulganin; a 1955 photo with Vice President Nixon presenting a signed photo of the President to Dr. Andrés Domingo, interim President of Cuba; and a 1956 photo of the President with the Board of Directors of the Freedom Foundation. Three photos are ex-m or better, two ex and three vg-ex. 19-21. Three undated b&w snapshots, 3.25” x 4.5”, at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, each showing President Eisenhower, according to descriptions on the back. Identifying the President is very difficult. Nm. 22. “This Is Ike: The Picture Story of the Man,” 1952 by Wilson Hicks and Gardner Soule, magazine format, g+ to vg with a name written on the cover, 96 pages. 23. “Here’s What the Republican Congress Did for You,” 1952 12-page comic, vg. 24. Sept. 17, 1954 “Collier’s,” cover photo and a five-page article on the home the Eisenhowers were building in Gettysburg, vg+ to ex. 25. “Forward with Eisenhower-Nixon,” 1956 comic supporting Eisenhower’s re-election, 16 pages, ex. 26. Four-page program from a 1956 luncheon for Mrs. Eisenhower, vg-ex. 27. President Eisenhower’s facsimile signature on a White House 2.5” x 4” card, nm. 28. President Eisenhower’s photo on the cover of a four-page program for an Adams County (Gettysburg) Republican Dinner, 1962, ex. 29. Undated brochure for the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library in Abilene, KS, President Eisenhower on the cover, eight-page fold-out, two mailing folds. 30. Nov. 14, 1966 “Republican Congressional Committee Newsletter” with results of gubernatorial and Congressional races, vg-ex with “Election Results” written on the cover, eight pages. 31. Slide indicator for the 1968 Republican National Convention. It shows the number of delegates for each state, the number of electoral votes each state has, and the political affiliation of the Governor, Senators and House members in each state. Ex-m. 32. “The Chairman’s Report – 1969 To the Republican National Committee,” Jan. 16-17, 1969, vg, 3” spine split, ex pages. 33. “1968 Presidential Election Handbook” from Family Finance Corp., 30 pages of information on the election in general and on the candidates representing three parties, ex. 34-44. Three die-cut color photo cards, 3.5” x 8”, of Richard Nixon; two four-page b&w brochures promoting Richard M. Nixon for President; and six envelopes from United Citizens Nixon-Agnew with photos of candidates Nixon and Spiro Agnew. Nm. 45-47. Two “Inaugural Souvenir” pamphlets for President Nixon and Vice President Agnew, ex, six pages, and a 1969 Inauguration Vehicle Pass, ex-m+, 7.25” x 7”. 48. An 8” x 10” color photo of President Nixon, ex. 49. A commemorative invitation for the 1973 Inaugural Parade, President Nixon and Vice President Agnew pictured, ex-m, 8.5” x 11”. 50. “The History of the Republican Party 1854-1970” from the Republican National Committee, ex-m+, 32 pages, Presidents Lincoln and Nixon on the cover. 51. And the Jan. 5, 1976 issue of “U.S. News” featuring “Outlook ’76 Year of Big Decisions” with many political articles and two pages examining “Will Ford Hold the White House,” ex with mailing labels on the cover. Winning Bid $15.    

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