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3 Books on the Issues, History and Aspirations of Black Americans.

Lot 785. 3 Books on the Issues, History and Aspirations of Black Americans. These books are “What the Negro Thinks” by Robert Russa Moton, 1929 first edition; “What the Negro Wants” by Rayford W. Logan, Oct. 1944 second printing (5,000 copies plus 2,500 from the first printing); and “Freedom Road” by Howard Fast, 1944 sixth printing. All of the books are hardcovers without their dust jackets. Born in Virginia in 1857, Moton was an administrator at Hampton Institute. Then in 1915, he became principal of Tuskegee Institute following the death of its founder, Booker T. Washington. He remained in charge of the Institute until his retirement in 1935. The purpose of his book is summarized in the Foreword: “This volume aims to place on record some facts concerning…what the Negro, himself, thinks of the experiences to which he is subjected because of his race and colour. The subject has lately excited a growing interest, especially among those who would approach the problem of the Negro's presence in America with sympathy and understanding.” Logan was an African-American historian and professor at Howard University. In 1944, he edited and published, under the heading “What the Negro Wants,” essays by 15 leading black American intellectuals. The writers included W. E. B. DuBois, Roy Wilkins, A. Philip Randolph, Mary McLeod Bethune, Langston Hughes and Sterling Brown. Their call for an end to segregation contributed to the Civil Rights Movement that followed. Howard Fast’s novel tells the story of emancipated slaves in South Carolina and their progress until President Rutherford B. Hayes ended Reconstruction by withdrawing U.S. troops from the South. The Moton and Logan books are g+ to vg with wear or soling on the covers, and both are ex-library copies. Both have card catalog numbers at the bottom of the spine; otherwise, the Moton book has only a library stamp and pencil notations on the title page, and the Logan book has an envelope for borrowers’ cards on the inside of the back cover. Fast’s book is g, and complete. Winning Bid $25.    

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       Winning Bid  $25


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