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3 Books on U.S. Presidents, 1 with Key Quotes – Washington Through FDR.

Lot 783. 3 Books on U.S. Presidents, 1 with Key Quotes – Washington Through FDR. Titled “Preserve, Protect and Defend,” this 240-page 1937 first printing hardback by Chris. J. Agrafiotis is subtitled “A Selection of Quotations of the Presidents of the United States and Contemporary Opinion on the Constitution of the United States.” The book is vg without a dust jacket and has a mint 9 to gem mint 10 autograph by Agrafiotis on the flyleaf. In the book, the author provides quotations from the Presidents relating to freedom and the U.S. Constitution. The book also has contemporary comments from 14 U.S. Senators, Representatives or Governors. A novel by Burke Boyce focuses solely on George Washington, the “Man from Mt. Vernon,” 1961 hardback, vg+ in a vg dust jacket, 314 pages. Boyce personalizes Washington, centering on his character and presenting him not only as the iconic leader of a new nation, but as a man dealing with the issues that humans confront. The life of the author of the Declaration of Independence is nicely summarized in “Thomas Jefferson April 13, 1743-April 13, 1943,” a 36-page hardback from the Thomas Jefferson Bicentennial Commission. Well illustrated, the book is vg-nf with a name on the flyleaf and toning on the inside front cover. MB $15. Minimum Bid $15.    

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       Minimum Bid  $15


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