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40 Souvenirs of Washington, D.C. – China Plates, Salt Shakers, Booklets. a Vase, Etc.

Lot 776. 40 Souvenirs of Washington, D.C. – China Plates, Salt Shakers, Booklets. a Vase, Etc. Most of these items display a color image of a D.C. landmark. Some are from conventions or local businesses. Three 10” plates are part of this collection: 1. Washington Monument, leaves in the foreground, hand-colored by Delano Studios of New York, embossed 1.5” edge. 2. Luther Place Memorial Church, founded in 1873, embossed edge with gold trim. 3. “Presidential Arms,” chip on the back, Syracuse China. There are two plates about 8”: 4. Decorative gold and pink edge, the U.S. Capitol, the White House and Mt. Vernon depicted, along with four monuments. 5. 1957 Capsco plate with the Capitol and Mt. Vernon, and two monuments repeated three times around the edge, gold trim. 6. 7” plate, Capitol, Bavaria china, gold trim. 7-9. Three 6” plates from a Tatler & Lawson series, made in Silesia, now part of Poland. All have gold trim. Shown are the Congressional Library, the Capitol and the White House. 10. 6”, Mercer china, Mt. Vernon, rim with decorative gold. 11. 4” plate or ashtray, Jefferson Memorial. 12. 7” candy dish, scalloped edge, the U.S. Capitol at the center surrounded by 10 buildings or monuments, including the Iwo Jima Statue and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 13-16. Two pairs of salt shakers, one pair as the U.S. Capitol and one as brown glass mugs with buildings and monuments. 17. China cowboy boot 4” tall trimmed in gold, U.S. Capitol East Front, made in Germany. 18. 6.25” Austria china vase, U.S. Capitol. 19. Ceramic cup, 2.75” diameter, portrait of George Washington inside. 20. Ceramic or china bell, 4.75” tall, Capitol shown. 21. Ash tray, Washington Monument. 22-29. Eight ash trays from D.C. businesses – Sichuan Pavilion, Jackie’s House of Beef, P.O. Visible Lunch, the Department of Justice Credit Union, Duke Zeibert’s Restaurant, the Water Gate Inn, Silver Fox, and the Channel Inn & Pier 7 Restaurant. 30. Small 5” pitcher with the Capitol, White House and Washington Monument. 31-32. Two paperweights, one acrylic with the Washington Monument and one from AT&T for the inaugural production at the Shakespeare Theatre at the Lansburgh. 33. Ceramic cowboy hat, 5” at its widest diameter, for the 1957 Atlantic Square Dance Convention in D.C. 34. A collector’s demi-tasse spoon with two different images of the Capitol. 35-37. 3 plastic items with a wood-like appearance and embossed images: an 8” x 13” tray or basket with five buildings or monuments; a dish or tray, 9” at its widest with the Capitol; and a 6” candy dish or ash tray with the Capitol. 38-40. 2 D.C. softcover photo booklets: “Our Nation’s Capital Washington, D.C.,” 1942 from Curt Teich & Co., 6.75” x 9.75” format, vg+, 64 pages of D.C. photos; and Washington, D.C. The Nation’s Capital,” 1953 from American Security and Trust Co., 6” x 9” format, vg+ with stains on the covers, 48 pages with more than 100 T. Roger Blythe illustrations of the usual buildings and monuments plus such structures as Smithsonian Institution buildings, the Pentagon, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the National Gallery of Art, the Willard Hotel and Washington Cathedral. 40. “The Music of George Washington’s Time,” prepared for the 1932 bicentennial of Washington’s birth, vg, 36 pages. The three-dimensional items in this collection generally range from ex to nm-m and average ex to ex-m. Winning Bid $45.    

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       Winning Bid  $45


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