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10 DC Comics – 5 Featuring Superman, Others with Supergirl, Teen Titans, Hawk & Dove.

Lot 771. 10 DC Comics – 5 Featuring Superman, Others with Supergirl, Teen Titans, Hawk & Dove. Four Superman comics are from 1993: “The Adventures of Superman,” No. 500 (Jan. 1993, Collector’s Edition, still sealed in a special polybag with a removable translucent cover and a SkyBox “Bloodlines” trading card), nm/m 9.8. “Superman,” No. 77 Second Series (March 1993, “Funeral for a Friend” Part 8), ”), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. “Superman: The Man of Steel,” No. 22 (June 1993, die-cut cover, “Man of Steel” poster inside), nm/m 9.8. “Superman,” No. 82 Second Series (Oct. 1993, Collector’s Edition with chromium cover, real Superman revealed), nm/m 9.8. The “Superman Time and Time Again” series is captured in a 206-page 1994 softcover book, nm/m 9.8. This series appeared in several DC titles. Supergirl appears in “Action Comics” No. 686 (Feb. 1993, Part 6 of “Funeral for a Friend”), nm/m 9.8. Also: “History of the DC Universe: Book Two,” (Nov. 1986, written by Marv Wolfman with George Perez as the penciller), nm/m 9.8. “The New Teen Titans,” No. 39 (Feb. 1984, last issue with Dick Grayson as Robin), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. “Tales of the Teen Titans,” No. 54 (June 1985, Deathstroke story), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. And “Hawk & Dove,” No. 10 (March 1990), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. Winning Bid $15.    

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       Winning Bid  $15


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