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7 Marvel “New Mutants” Comics Plus Wolverine and the Punisher.

Lot 768. 7 Marvel “New Mutants” Comics Plus Wolverine and the Punisher. Two “New Mutants” comics are Annuals, No. 5 for 1989, nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8, and No. 6 for 1990, nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. The 1989 edition is part of the “Atlantis Attacks” series and marks Rob Liefeld’s first work with the title. In the 1990 Annual, Liefeld introduces new costumes for the characters, and Shatterstar, of “X-Force,” makes a brief appearance. The monthly issues are: No. 21 (Nov. 1984, double-sized issue with the origin of Warlock) nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. No. 58 (Dec. 1987, (with a pull-out “Mutant Registration Form”), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. No. 76 (June 1989, X-Factor and X-Terminator appear), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. And No. 77 (July 1989), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. The three other comics feature the Punisher, Wolverine, or both. “The Punisher” No. 57, from Dec. 1991, has an outer two-tone cover and then a standard cover with a photo instead of artwork for a seven-part storyline, “The Final Days of the Punisher,” nm+ 9.6 to nm/m 9.8. “Wolverine” has a cover for No. 73 (Sept. 1993), nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. Wolverine and the Punisher both appear in the 1993 three-part limited series “Damaging Evidence.” No. 1 for Oct. 1993. It grades nm- 9.2 to nm 9.4. Minimum Bid $15.    

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       Minimum Bid  $15


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