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7 Pieces of Sheet Music with a Military Focus – World War II and Earlier.

Lot 757. 7 Pieces of Sheet Music with a Military Focus – World War II and Earlier. In fact, all but one song is from World War I. Some of the sheet music appears to be scarce. For example, “That’s What We’re Fighting For,” a 1918 song “Dedicated to the U.S. Army and Navy” by Sgt. C. S. Anthony, vg+ to ex. The earliest song is “American Patrol” by F. W. Meacham, originally from 1885. The date of this version is unclear, but it appears to be from the late 1890s because it promotes at least one song from 1897; covers separated, f+ to g. “We Are Hitting the Trail Through No Man’s Land and We’ll Soon be Coming Home” by Walter Cooper and William L. Britton has an interesting uncredited cover illustration; 1918, g. “I’m Going to Follow the Boys” by Howard Rogers and James V. Monaco, 1917, g+, presents the viewpoint of a young woman who has never been a nurse but plans to “follow the boys” to war. Al Jolson is on the cover of sheet music for “Hello Central! Give Me No Man’s Land” by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young and Jean Schwartz, 1918, g, with an Albert Wilfred Barbelle illustration. During World War I, Canadian Lt. Gitz Rice wrote “Keep Your Head Down ‘Fritzie Boy’,” 1918, vg-ex. The lone WWII era song is “There’ll Always Be An England,” Ross Parker and Hughie Charles, 1939, g. Winning Bid $20.    

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       Winning Bid  $20


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