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15 Pieces of Sheet Music with Songs by Berlin, Cohan, Jolson, Rose, Herbert, Kern and Cahn.

Lot 756. 15 Pieces of Sheet Music with Songs by Berlin, Cohan, Jolson, Rose, Herbert, Kern and Cahn. Irving Berlin wrote six of the songs: “God Bless America,” 1939, name written on the cover, vg. “Anna Liza’s Wedding Day,” 1913, pages separated, f+. “Tell Me Little Gypsy” from “Ziegfield Follies of 1920,” g. “That International Rag,” 1908, photo of Sophie Tucker on the cover, Uncle Sam directs an international chorus, g. “The Ragtime Soldier Man,” 1912, f-g. And “When That Midnight Choo, Choo, Leaves for Alabam’,”1912, pages separated, f. Four cover illustrations are by E. H. Pfeiffer. Three songs by George M. Cohan are for “Little Nellie Kelly,” the 1922 Broadway musical he wrote: “The Hinkey Dee,” vg-ex; “Nellie Kelly I Love You,” vg, and “You Remind Me of My Mother,” f+ to g. In 1940, MGM turned this play into a movie starring Judy Garland and George Murphy. Victor Herbert wrote two songs: “I Might Be Your Once-in-a-While” from the musical “Angel Face,” 1919, g+, and “All for You” for the comic opera “The Princess Pat,” 1915, first page separated, g. “California Here I Come” is attributed to Al Jolson and two other composers, 1924, name on the cover, this copy possibly issued in the 1940s, vg-ex. Also: “Who?” from “Sunny” by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein, 1925, vg+. “Tonight You Belong To Me,” Billy Rose, 1926, vg, and “Ev’ry Day I Love You” by Sammy Cahn and Jules Styne, 1948, name on the cover, vg+. Minimum Bid $15.    

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       Minimum Bid  $15


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