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77 Issues of “Modern Man,” 1951-68, Featuring Movie Stars and Burlesque Dancers.

Lot 749. 77 Issues of “Modern Man,” 1951-68, Featuring Movie Stars and Burlesque Dancers. Established more than two years before “Playboy,” “Modern Man” was variously subtitled “The Picture Magazine for Men,” “The Man’s Picture Magazine” and “The Adult Picture Magazine.” It featured photographs of widely known actresses, cabaret and burlesque dancers, and models, as well as younger women aspiring to entertainment careers. For most of the magazine’s first 15 years, its editorial content focused on nudes, sexual issues, automobiles, guns, popular culture and humor. Its final issue was published in Dec. 1976. Issues in this collection are from 1951: Aug. (Vol. 1, No. 2), Nov., Dec. 1952: Jan., April, June, July, Sept., Nov., Dec. 1953: Jan.-May, Aug. 1954: Jan.-March, May-Oct., Dec. 1955: Jan., Feb., April, July-Sept., Nov., Dec. 1956: All 12 issues. 1957: Feb., May, Aug., Sept., Nov., Dec. 1958: Feb., March, May-July, Sept.-Dec. 1959: Feb., March, May, June, Sept., Nov. 1960: Sept. (pages 27-34 missing), Dec. 1961: Jan., July, Aug. 1962: June. 1963: Nov. 1964: Nov. 1965: June. 1966: April. And 1968: Aug. These magazines grade: 2 nm, 3 ex-m+, 7 ex-m, 5 ex+, 29 ex, 8 vg+ to ex, 12, ex, 2 vg+, 6 vg, 2 g-vg, 1 g and 1 p. Among the cover subjects are Betty Brosmer, Martine Carol, Rita Hayworth, Lili St. Cyr, Lily Ayers, Cleo Moore ("Queen of the B-Movie Bad Girls"), Diana Dors, Jayne Mansfield, Jane Russell, Anita Ekberg, Hildegarde, Barbara Nichols, Lily Christine, Sophia Loren, Saundra Edwards (“Playboy” Playmate of the Month, March 1957), Mamie Van Doren and others. From Nov. 1951-March 1956, the magazine presented “Modern Man’s Gallery” of nudes, usually 12 pages, which became the “Art Gallery” in April 1956. In August that year, the magazine presented burlesque dancer Lily St. Cyr in its first color centerfold. She was followed by Candy Barr, Betty Brosmer, Syra Marty, Texas Sheridan and Lee Collins, and then a succession of unidentified models. Later, the models included Shirley Kilpatrick, Ann Peters, Diane Webber, Patty Conley, Susan Woods, Virginia Morgan, Lynne Chandler, Anne Walker and Jodi Richards. By 1962, other models appeared as the “Doll of the Month,” usually with a color photo, but not as the centerfold. The photos of famous actresses, dancers and models appeared inside the magazine, such as Fran Gregory, Jeanne Carroll, Nancy Merrill, Lily St. Cry, Lynn Roebuck, Laurette Luez, Betty Howard, Carol Shannon, Irma the Body, Val Njord, Dagmar, Ann Francis, Jean Eyre, Barbara Nichols, Marilyn Waltz, Pat Hall “Queen of the Cover Girls,” Rita Hayworth, Susan Cabot, Mamie Van Doren, Gloria West, Candy Barr, Joan King, Syra Marty, Marilyn Monroe (inside front cover, Aug. 1955; also, June 1956), Solatire, Cleo Moore, Jayne Mansfield, Anita Ekberg, Shelly Winters, Sheree North, Val Njord, Paula Uhsan, Hildegarde Neff (Knef), Sabrina, Pat “Amber” Halliday, Sophia Loren, Colleen Farrington, Brigitte Bardot, Joi Lansing, Kim Novak and Joey Heatherton. Cars remained a focus of the magazine throughout the years represented here, with such subjects as “Old 16,” a U.S. Locomobile race car that beat Europe’s best in 1908; the Mercer Raceabout, “Fifty Two Years of Packard,” stock car racing, home-built cars, the Stanley Steamer, the Roll-Royce, fiberglass bodies, luxury European cars, the first models of 20 U.S. car manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz, “Simplex, King of the Chain Drives,” converting a Model T to a hot rod, “Will the Electric Car Come Back?”; Enzo Ferrari, “Why Americans Can’t Win European Car Races,” the Hispana-Suiza, Jaguar, “The Toughest Car Ever Made,” Tony Parravano, “The Fabulous Pope,” “America’s First Sportscar,” “Parade Car for a Madman” (Hitler) and Craig Breedlove. Guns received attention in the earlier issues, with more emphasis on hunting and fishing in later issues. Among the topics: “Sam Colt’s Great Equalizer,” Weatherby rifles, hunting elephants, hunting moose, Spitzer bullets, Russian small arms, the Kentucky rifle, Army T-44 and T-47 rifles, the Winchester 73 rifle, basic gun care, capturing a puma alive, machine guns, choosing a revolver or an automatic, the Sharps rifle, catching channel catfish, the Winchester 30-30, hunting in New Zealand and “Big 12: The World’s Best Shotgun.” Culture, history, home, current events and crime also were covered: Vincent Price, “How to Carve a Turkey,” “Trance Dances of Bali,” “What Every Man Should Know About Tobacco,” “What Makes Whiskey Good,” “How to Climb a Mountain,” a Chicago gangster, how a fire crew responds to a fire, the Calgary Stampede, New Orleans food, “Yachts for Everyone,” “Secret of the Atomic Submarine,” “School for Strippers,” a burro pack trip in the High Sierras, fire walking, “The True Facts About Hollywood Morals,” the Pony Express, “Movies Americans Can’t See,” Jack Palance, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Henry Miller, Oscar Wilde, Guy de Maupassant, “Hollywood’s Most Fabled Writers,” D. H. Lawrence, “The Hectic History of Belly Dancing,” Erskine Caldwell, John Barrymore, Tallulah Bankhead, “American’s Own Death March,” Mae West, Renee Taylor, Oscar Levant, Gypsy Rose Lee, the Crosby Brothers, Roberto Rossellini, Carlo Ponti, D. W. Griffith, Lenny Bruce and the Spanish Foreign Legion. In later issues in this collection, “Modern Man” adopted a tabloid news style and featured burlesque and cabaret dancers. Sports received occasional coverage throughout. Winning Bid $102.    

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       Winning Bid  $102


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