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24 Magazines – “Ace” (6), “Adam” (13), “After Dark,” “After Hours,” “Babe” and “Bachelor” (2).

Lot 746. 24 Magazines – “Ace” (6), “Adam” (13), “After Dark,” “After Hours,” “Babe” and “Bachelor” (2). Published in the late 1950s and early 1960, “Ace” billed itself as “The Magazine for Men of Distinction.” Issues are for April and October 1958, Oct. 1959, Aug. 1961, Nov. 1963 and March 1964. Each issue features several articles, at least one focusing on some sex-related topic; works of fiction, at least one page of cartoons and numerous photo spreads, often with one on burlesque. Overwhelmingly, the models are unknown. One exception is 26-year-old Blaze Starr, who receives a full page in a “Beach Queens of 1958” feature. Ted Mark provides a fictional story in three issues. Mark wrote more than 100 novels (under various names), including “The Man for O.R.G.Y. (Organization for the Rational Guidance of Youth),” a take-off on “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Four issues are ex or better; one is vg-ex, and the other, vg. Knight Publishing produced “Adam,” self-described as “The Man’s Home Companion,” from 1956-96. Issues in this collection are for Dec. 1957; March, April and June 1958; Feb., March, June and Aug. 1960; Jan. 1963; July 1964; Jan. and Oct. 1965; and Jan. 1968. Celebrity covers include Mamie Van Doren, July 1964, plus two inside pages; Carroll Baker, Sept. 1965, article inside and Samantha Egar on the back cover; Stella Stevens, Jan. 1968, four-page article on the movie “How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life.” Also, Arline Hunter, March 1958, a Marilyn Monroe look-alike and the Aug. 1954 “Playboy” Playmate of the Month; three pages of photos in this “Adam” issue. And Kathy Gabriel, Miss Ohio 1957 and Elvis Presley’s girlfriend for a brief time, front and back covers, April 1958. Among the celebrities whose photos appear inside the magazines are Jayne Mansfield, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Van Doren and Abbe Lane. Models for pictorials include Diana Darrin, who made more than 35 movie and TV appearances, including “The Incredible Shrinking Man” and “Bonanza”; Abby Dalton of the “Joey Bishop Show” and “Falcon Crest”; Iris Bristol, a popular 1950-60s pin-up model who appeared in several movies; Jean Carmen, called the “Queen of the B-Movies”; and Margie Hart, a famous burlesque dancer. Each issue has a two-page centerfold, all in black & white except for the Jan. 1968 edition. Fictional stories are abundant, by such authors as Robert Silverberg, who wrote “The Werewolf Gambit”; Connie Sellers, who wrote more than 100 novels, and as many as 230 (ranging from pornography to historical romance), under 94 names, both female and male; Richard E. Geis, a science fiction and erotica writer who won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer and numerous Fanzine awards; Raymond Friday Locke, best known for his “Book of the Navajo”; and William Sambrot, science fiction writer recognized for “Island of Fear.” The short stories are especially well illustrated. Cartoons appear in each issue, many by Bob Tupper. These issues range from g-vg (one issue) to ex-m+ and average ex. The issue of “After Dark: High Doings When Lights Are Low” is Vol. 1 No. 1 from Dec. of an uncertain year. After Dark Publications of New Jersey and Bruce David are the publisher, and Alex Ander, the editor. The 66-page magazine has a two-sided color two-page fold-out at the front; photos of Carroll Baker, Ginger Rogers, and Mae West in an article on making the movie “Baby Doll”; a short story by Hal Hennesay, known for “The Midnight War”; and an article by Donald Camelli on the HiLo’s “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” record album. Models are not identified. Ex. After Hours Vol. 1 No. 2 is from Jay Publishing in 1957. Lili St. Cyr, famous 1940s and 1950s striptease artist who performed frequently in Las Vegas, is on the cover and two pages inside. Madeline Castle is the model for the b&w centerfold. A popular model for 1950s-60s pin-ups and men’s magazines, she was “Playboy’s” Playmate of the Month for Oct. 1954. The magazine also has various pictorials; an article on Calypso, including Harry Belafonte; Ernie Kovacs and his wife Edie Adams; Woody Herman and the Fourth Herd, and a model also doubling as an auto racer. Ex. “Babe,” Vol. 1 No. 2 from 1963, focuses on photographers and offers articles on: making plaster casts of women’s bodies for window mannequins; a partially naked horseback rider, and how photographers work with figure models. The magazine is well illustrated and has a color centerfold with five additional pages featuring photos of the model. Vg. “Bachelor” for July 1958 and Aug. 1966 provides creative situations for photographing largely unknown naked models. Among the authors of articles and short stories is Ed Lacy (Leonard Zinberg), a crime and detective fiction writer who created Tousssaint “Touie” Marcus Moore, generally regarded as the first credible fictional African-American PI character, in his 1957 novel “Room to Swing.” It received the 1958 Edgar Award for Best Novel. His 17-page “booklength” short story in the 1958 issue is titled “Don’t Kill Us, We’ll Kill You.” Other writers are Robert H. Badrig, who wrote a book on Florenz Ziegfield, and James D. Atwater, author of “Time Bomb” and a “Time” senior editor. Vg+ to ex issues. Winning Bid $75.    

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       Winning Bid  $75


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