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40 Different Magazine Advertisements Featuring John Wayne.

Lot 734. 40 Different Magazine Advertisements Featuring John Wayne. Twenty-four of these ads, all different, are for movies starring Wayne. In seven, he promotes Camel cigarettes, and in six more, various products. Two others, from the July 4, 1960 “Life” special issue on U.S. politics, are tied to the movie “The Alamo.” Most of the ads are 10.5” x 13.5” and average ex. Some have one uneven edge as a result of being removed from a magazine. The movies represented are: “Angel and the Badman,”; “The Conqueror” (3 different), two showing him with Susan Hayward; “Dakota.” 5.25” x 13”; “The Fighting Kentuckian,” two pages, separated; “The Fighting Seabees,” 2.75” x 13.5”; “Flying Leathernecks” (2), one a separated two-page ad with Robert Ryan; “Fort Apache,” two pages separated; “Jet Pilot” (2); “Hatari!” (2); “How the West Was Won”; “The Quiet Man,” a two-page spread with Maureen O’Hara; “Red River” (2); “The Shepherd of the Hills”; “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,” two pages, separated; “Stagecoach”; “They Were Expendable”; “Tycoon,” and “Without Reservations.” In two Camel ads, Wayne is the lone known actor. Two others share the same design, but an 8” x 11.25” version shows 16 entertainers, and a 10.5” x 13.5” version, 25 performers. Vaughn Monroe, Dick Powell, Rise Stevens, Jim Konstanty and Robert Merrill are among them. And three have three, five or seven stars, including Joan Crawford, Maureen O’Hara and Alan Ladd. In five ads, Wayne promotes General Electric new color TVs (2 different), Budweiser, Star-Kist Tuna (5.75” x 13.75”), and coffee (for the Pan-American Coffee Bureau). In a two-page (separated) 1958 ad, Wayne endorses the “new Princess Electric Shaver for women,” and his wife, Pilar, promotes the Men’s Rollectric Shaver. In 1960, Wayne starred in “The Alamo.” A two-page spread on the inside of the covers of the July 4, 1960 issue of “Life” advertises the World Premier of the movie. One full-page ad from the magazine, apparently sponsored by Texas businessmen and possibly others, pictures Wayne, focuses on the Alamo events and movie, and then concludes that “the world – and our nation – needs to be reminded that freedom does not come cheap and easy.” A separate ad provides a “statement of principle” from Wayne and his associates in relation to the upcoming Presidential election. It asks which candidate “is reading the script” created by a “board of ghostwriting strategists.” The ad then uses the Alamo story to support the assertion in its headline “There Were No Ghost Writers at the Alamo.” Russell Birdwell wrote the statement. He was a show business publicist and screenwriter who worked with Wayne on “The Alamo.” The magazine cover and both advertisements are present. They are accompanied by a four-page article on the movie. Minimum Bid $20.    

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       Minimum Bid  $20


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