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4 Vintage Non-Sport Books – Kentucky History, W. H. Belk and a McGuffey’s Reader.

Lot 723. 4 Vintage Non-Sport Books – Kentucky History, W. H. Belk and a McGuffey’s Reader. The oldest book in the group is “McGuffey’s New Sixth Eclectic Reader: Exercises in Rhetorical Reading, with Introductory Rules and Examples” by William H. McGuffey, 1857, g+ to vg hardback. This 460-page book, which focuses on formal speaking, contains classic literature and orations by Patrick Henry, Dickens, Scott, Irving, Shakespeare, Longfellow and others. In another hardback, Elizabeth Shelby Kinkead provides “A History of Kentucky,” 1896, 288 pages including some illustrations, vg. A snapshot of the U.S. and the world are provided in “The Cincinnati Commercial Tribune Almanac and World Encyclopedia 1898,” a 448-page g+ softcover. The life of “William Henry Belk: Merchant of the South” is presented by LeGette Blythe in a 1958 hardback, ex+. Belk created the eponymous chain of retail stores in the southeast and was a merchandising innovator. Minimum Bid $10.    

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       Minimum Bid  $10


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