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Attractive, Uncommon 1962 Set of 200 “Famous Planes from All Over the World” Coins.

Lot 681. Attractive, Uncommon 1962 Set of 200 “Famous Planes from All Over the World” Coins. These plastic coins, or “wheels,” were premiums included with JELL-O pudding or jelly products or Hostess potato chips in Canada. The 1 3/8” discs have a color image of an aircraft on the front and the names of the two companies on the back. Most have English and French text on the front. In French, the set was promoted as “Avions Celobres du Monde Entier.” In a similar car set, these discs were called “wheels.” They may have been designated the same way in advertising for the airplane set. The set begins with Daedalus with a “B.C.” date and ends with the “Hovercraft 1961.” Within the set, aircraft are divided among various categories – Pioneers, Fighters, Bombers, Transports, Airliners, Bushplanes, Trainers and Others, ranging from a 1917 airplane to an aerocar to an Umbaugh helicopter and various early missiles. An interesting visual history of aviation. Ex-m set. Winning Bid $113.    

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       Winning Bid  $113


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