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6 W.D. & H.O. Wills Sets Featuring Coats of Arms – Borough, British Empire, Companies, Foreign Cities.

Lot 651. 6 W.D. & H.O. Wills Sets Featuring Coats of Arms – Borough, British Empire, Companies, Foreign Cities. Each set or series consists of 50 cards, accounting for 300 in this collection. Three series of 50 cards each are from “Borough Arms” set. Each series, issued in 1905, has a colorful coat of arms for an English borough, city or town. The back describes the history and significance of the elements in the coat of arms. The coats of arms for Great Britain & Ireland, England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland are among these series. The three other sets have a similar format. In 1910, Wills distributed the “Arms of the British Empire” set, which displays the coats of arms for countries, provinces and cities around the globe, and even some businesses – the Hudson Bay Company, the East India Company, Cape Town, Rhodesia, Bermuda, Nova Scotia, Commonwealth of Australia, British Columbia, Jamaica, Calcutta, New Zealand, Tasmania, Canada, etc. The 1912 “Arms of Foreign Cities” set includes Vienna, Copenhagen, New York, Athens, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and others. And from 1913, “Arms of Companies,” which represent professions or skills, rather than specific companies – Butchers, Clothmakers, Fishmongers, Bakers, Playing-Card Makers, Musicians, Plumbers, Blacksmiths, Weavers, Brewers, Barber-Surgeons, etc. The cards present attractive artwork and intriguing information. The second and third series cards in the “Borough Arms” set are ex. Cards from the other sets are generally vg-ex to ex. Minimum Bid $40.    

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       Minimum Bid  $40


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