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28 Vintage U.S. and 13 Car Postcards, Paris and Old Car Photos, and “The Queen’s English.”

Lot 649. 28 Vintage U.S. and 13 Car Postcards, Paris and Old Car Photos, and “The Queen’s English.” Planes, trains and automobiles – and much more – make up this collection. VINTAGE POSTCARDS: These 28 postcards are primarily from the early 1900s through the 1940s. We describe them by decade based on postmarks and other information. These cards are in color unless otherwise noted. Pre-1910s – Seven, including four black & white -- Two copies, “New York as Seen from Fall River Line Boats” with “‘Priscilla’ Leaving Pier at New York,” both postmarked 1906. Vg. Both have some written correspondence on the border. Couple hugging in a car, “When ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise,” 1909 postmark. Vg-ex. Ironically, in a message on the reverse, the sender writes: “Hello! Dan why don’t you answer my post cards.” Train, “At the Burling Station Odell Nebr,” p-f. Color cards are -- “Car Trestle, Natick, R.I.,” 1909 postmark, message on the back, vg. “New Rail Road Station, Bridgeport, Conn.,” 1907 postmark, writing in bottom front border, g-vg. And “Union Station, Portland, Maine,” 1909 postmark, g+ to vg. 1910s – Both of these cards are borderless: “Rutland, Vt., Railroad Station,” printed in Germany, unused, ex-m, and “James Street Incline Railway, Hamilton, Ont., Canada,” printed in Great Britain, small scuffs on the back; otherwise, ex and unused. “Municipal and Woolworth Bldgs., New York,” postmarked but date unreadable, vg-ex. And “D. & H. Station, Oneonta, N.Y.,” apparently with a 1912 postmark, g+. 1920s – These two cards are borderless, have a chrome appearance, and are from Acmegraph Co. of Chicago and unused: “504. Van Buren Street Viaduct, Chicago,” vg, and “Dearborn St. North from Van Buren Chicago,” g+. And a four-panel fold-out postcard, approximately 3.5” x 22”, “Campus, University of Maine, Orono, ME.,” note written on two panels on the back, one panel detached, otherwise a nice vg. 1930s – “Cunard White Star” ship by Kenneth Shoesmith, printed in England, unused, ex. “Promenade Deck, S. S. North American & South American,” schedule for a “Week’s Cruise on Four Lakes” on the back, vg. And “Famous French Market, New Orleans, LA.,” linen, unused, ex-m. 1940s – Real photos -- “Market St. Showing Four Car Tracks San Francisco,” military stamp and note from a private on the back, vg-ex. “The Ringling Mansion, Sarasota, FLA,” #M1121, unused, ex+. “Mable Ringling’s Bedroom,” #2-A-187,” unused, vg+ to ex, and “Feeding Time – Marine Studios – On Fla. A1A – Marineland, Fla.,” #2-D-13,” unused, ex. And linen – “C-3 Looking North on ‘G’ Avenue, Douglas, Arizona,” Curteich, unused, ex. “Main Street,” Bar Harbor, ME.,” 1941 postmark, vg+ to ex. “Old ‘Bill’ Pelican, St. Petersburg, Florida P-163,” Tichnor, some light toning on the unused back, ex. “It’s a Lot of Bull About Being Peaceful…,” comic postcard, unused, vg-ex. And “Jimmie’s Spaghetti House” in Madison, WI., ex+. 1950s or Later: “Madison Square Garden, New York City,” 1952 postmark, vg+. “Rip Van Dam Hotel-Motel,” Sarasota Springs, N.Y., unused, vg-ex. And “Skegness is So Bracing,” Drumahoe Graphics, unused, vg+. CAR POSTCARDS: Promotional cards including 1959 Rambler Custom Cross Country vg+, 1970s Ford Courier (2), 1970s Ford Club Wagon, apparent 1974 Ford or Mercury Capri 2800 V-6, 1976 Buick Estate Wagon, 1979 Ford Bronco, 1979 Ford Fiesta 3-Door, and 1980 Ford: Pickup, Econoline, Fairmont, another Pickup and an F-350. Except for the Rambler, these cards average ex-m to nm. Only the Capri postcard has been used. PARIS PHOTOS: Packet of 20 “Paris Photographies Artistiques” 2.5” x 3.5” b&w photos, probably from the 1950s, showing Paris architecture, including the Eifel Tower, Notre Dame, the Basetille and the Arc de Triomphe (Arch of Triumph). Ex to ex-m photos in a p original envelope. OLD CAR PHOTOS: Three 3.5” x 5” photos the same of two Studebaker President vehicles, one a 1932 convertible roadster and the other, a 1938 convertible sedan. All three are nm, each with an identifying sticker on the back. THE QUEEN’S ENGLISH: From the Travel and Tourism Division of Raleigh, NC, a 24-page “Dictionary” to help visitors with the dialect and expressions of North Carolinians. Ex+ cover with nm pages. Minimum Bid $50.    

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       Minimum Bid  $50


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