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2 Gallaher Cigarettes Sports Sets – 1935 “Champions” and 1936 “Sporting Personalities.”

Lot 627. 2 Gallaher Cigarettes Sports Sets – 1935 “Champions” and 1936 “Sporting Personalities.” The “Champions” set, which carries the Gallaher and Park Drive names, is the second series and comprises 48 cards. Card fronts have an illustration of an athlete, and backs have a written profile. Among the champions are golfers C. J. H. Tolley and P. Alliss, cricket batsmen W. M. Woodfull and H. Sutcliffe, boxers Larry Gains, Harry Mizler and Len Harvey, swimmer M. Gleitze, distance runner Sam Ferris, tennis players H. G. N. Lee and Dorothy Round, skater C. W. Horn, jockey Steve Donoghue, race driver G. E. T. Eyston, diver P. Desjardins, etc. The “Sporting Personalities” set of 48 cards has fronts with color photos of the athletes and informational backs. It includes jockeys Gerry Wilson, Gordon Richards and Freddie Fox, soccer goalkeeper Harry Hibbs, boxers Len Harvey and Kid Berg, racehorse breeder Lord Derby, cricketers Jack Hobbs and P. G. H. Fender, race car driver Freddie Dixon, swimmer E. H. Temme (first man to swim the English Channel both ways), cyclist Dennis Horn, billiards champion Melbourne Inman and many more. Cards in the “Champions” set generally are nm or better. The “Sporting Personalities” cards are ex to ex-m. Winning Bid $25.    

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       Winning Bid  $25


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