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Brown’s Boxing 1985-87 Series 1-4 Collection of 130 Boxers.

Lot 590. Brown’s Boxing 1985-87 Series 1-4 Collection of 130 Boxers. Each series of boxers is complete, and Series 4 from 1987 includes an unnumbered checklist. An unnumbered header card from Series 1 is absent, and so are any ancillary cards from Series 2 and 3. Johnnie Brown of Missouri began issuing these cards in 1985. Apparently the initial runs were low, possibly only 2,000. Numerous additional series or sets have been issued since. Series or Set 1 (1985) includes Hall of Fame members Johansson, Willard, Saad Muhammad and Citro (cut man). Set 2 (1986), rookie cards of HoFers Holyfield, Whitaker and Canizales. Set 3 (1986), HoF member Arcel (trainer). And Set 4 (1987), HoFer Azumah Nelson. Nm-m to Mint. Winning Bid $152.    

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       Winning Bid  $152


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