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7 Uncut Sheets of Seattle Supersonics Cards – 1979-80 and 1983-84 Police, 1990-91 Smokey Bear.

Lot 555. 7 Uncut Sheets of Seattle Supersonics Cards – 1979-80 and 1983-84 Police, 1990-91 Smokey Bear. Each sheet consists of 6 cards. Coca-Cola, Kiwanis International and Rainier Bank joined the Washington State Crime Prevention Association in sponsoring the 1979-80 set, which includes Jack Sikma, Paul Silas, Dennis Johnson and Coach Lenny Wilkens. The unperforated 10.5” x 16.5” sheet grades vg-ex, with a crease on the Wilkins card. The Sikma and Johnson cards have the potential for high grades if carefully removed from the sheet. Ernst Hardware replaced Rainier Bank as a sponsor of the 1983-84 set, which also is unperforated and uses the same format as the 1979-80 sheet. It features Wilkens, Sikma and Tom Chambers. The sheet is vg-ex, and the Sikma card had the potential for a high grade. This collection includes five 1990-91 Supersonics Smokey Bear uncut sheets, which are perforated and approximately 10” x 14”. Key cards are of K. C. Jones, the coach, Gary Payton, Nate McMillan, Xavier McDaniel and Shawn Kemp. One sheet has a perforation split half way between two cards. Otherwise the sheets grade ex to ex-m. Winning Bid $35.    

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       Winning Bid  $35


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