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6 Books – Fiction, Non-Fiction and Humor – with a Washington, D.C., Focus.

Lot 543. 6 Books – Fiction, Non-Fiction and Humor – with a Washington, D.C., Focus. One of the books, a novel titled “Sally Salt,” is by MRS. WOODROW WILSON, 1912 hardback, Syndicate Publishing, vg, no dust jacket. “The Mirrors of Washington” is an unusual 1921 offering from G. P. Putnam’s Sons, with the author listed as “Anonymous” and “Cesare” as the source of 14 cartoons. The actual author is Clinton Wallace Gilbert. The book takes a critical and sometimes humorous look at leading U.S. politicians and other figures, including Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Herbert Hoover and Bernard Baruch. Vg hardback, no dj. Original copies of this book seem to be somewhat scarce, and many reprints are pricey. Humor is the intent of Gerald Gardner’s “photo-comic strip” or “News-Reals” subtitled “Who’s in charge here?” with comically-created situations involving Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy, Fidel Castro and other international figures. The 1963 softcover is ex. John F. Kennedy is also featured in “Kennedy or Nixon: Does it make any difference?” by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., vg hardback, no dj. The other books are: “Women in Congress,” Essie E. Lee, 1979 ex-library hardback, and “Washington Confidential,” Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer, 1951 paperback, vg+. Winning Bid $15.    

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       Winning Bid  $15


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