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Washington Federals USFL Memorabilia – Programs, Pins, Fan (Media) Guides and More.

Lot 506. Washington Federals USFL Memorabilia – Programs, Pins, Fan (Media) Guides and More. Playing home games at RFK Stadium, the Federals competed in the United States Football League (USFL) in 1983 and 1984, the first two of the league’s three seasons. Always underfunded, the team had little success, going 4-14 in 1983 and 3-15 in 1984. Descriptions of the items in this collection follow. PROGRAMS: Nine for 1983 and three for 1984, all home games. There are three copies for the team’s inaugural home game, March 23 against the Michigan Panthers. The Federals won, 22-16. Running back Craig James is one the cover. Two copies are nm, and one, vg+ to ex. The other 1983 programs are for April 24, Tampa, 23-30 loss; May 1, Birmingham, 3-35; May 22, Boston, 14-21; May 20, New Jersey, 29-32; June 26, Los Angeles, 28-21 win; and July 3, Philadelphia, 21-14. The 1984 programs are for March 31, Chicago, 20-21, and June 24, New Orleans (2 copies), 20-17. The total breakdown of these 12 programs is 7 nm or better, 1 ex, 1 vg+ to ex and 3 vg-ex. FAN GUIDES: Two for 1983 (James cover) and two for 1984, ex to ex-m. PINS: Six, each with the team logo on a helmet and the USFL logo below - three 6” pins, nm to nm-m+; a 3.25” pin, nm-m+; a 2.25” pin with a green helmet attached, nm-m+; a 1.75” pin surrounded by green ribbon and three 5.5” ribbons below, similar to a county fair ribbon, with “Federals” in gold on one ribbon, nm-m; and a 1.25” pin attached to a garter, nm-m. TICKETS & STUBS: A stub for the team’s first home game, March 23, 1983, a 22-16 win over the Michigan Panthers, ex-m 6 to nm 7. Three tickets for the May 6, 1984 game vs. Memphis, nm to nm-m, and one for the May 11 game vs. New Jersey, nm+. VINYL RECORDS: Two 33 1/3 rpm 7” records with the Federals’ “Official Bluegrass Fight Song” by the Sprouts of Grass – “Ring the Bells for the Federals” plus three other songs. Unplayed, mint. WHOMP-IT: A Federals “Team Booster” by Hilco House, mint in the original package, which has an ex-m header with a price sticker. The figure has lever-operated arms. TEAM POSTER: Color poster of the 1984 team, 20” x 16”, ex-m to nm, rolled. STADIUM CUSHIONS: Three the same, each 14” x 15” and displaying the Federals’ logo, each with a seam split ranging from 1 to 6” and otherwise ex. BUMPER STICKERS, BROCHURES AND SCHEDULES: Five bumper stickers, four that have the team logo on a helmet and say “Washington Federals,” nm and better, and one with the team logo and name plus “Love Them FEDS!” from PanAm, ex. A pocket schedule for 1983 and a different design for 1984, both ex-m. Color team brochure 4” x 9” opening to a 15” x 18” poster promoting ticket sales, nm, and a Metro brochure promoting the Federals, vg-ex. ALSO: (These collectibles all have the Federals’ logo.) A foam hand finger, 22” long, nm; two 5.25” plastic mugs with somewhat different designs, ex-m+; a Federals cap from AJD, unused and nm; a 10.75” x 16.5” towel with green feathers clipped on; and a Federals cigarette lighter. Fifty-nine items! Winning Bid $61.    

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       Winning Bid  $61


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