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Washington Redskins Memorabilia – Media Coverage, Posters, Photos, Etc.

Lot 505. Washington Redskins Memorabilia – Media Coverage, Posters, Photos, Etc. - More Than 100 Items. Many of these collectibles commemorate the team’s Super Bowl championships. 1-4. One newspaper provides coverage of the team’s 1983 Super Bowl victory, and three, of its 1992 triumph. The coverage for 1983 is in the Jan. 31 “Washington Post,” and 1992, in the Jan. 27 and 28 “Washington Post” and Jan. 27 “Washington Times,” which provides color photos. The newspapers are complete and essentially as they were obtained at newsstands. 5. “Redskins 1983 Fan (Media) Guide,” with information on the team’s Super Bowl XVII success. Darrell Green, future Hall of Fame cornerback, is among the team’s draft choices. 6. Super Bowl XVIII media guide, nm-m, 32 pages. The Redskins lost to the Los Angeles Raiders on Jan. 22, 1984 at Tampa Stadium. 7. Jan. 8, 1984 NFL Championship program, nm-m. Washington defeated San Francisco, 24-21, at RFK Stadium. 8-21. POSTERS: All are rolled, some well, some not. Three posters commemorate Super Bowl victories: 1983 “World Champion” Super Bowl team poster, 17” x 22”, g+; “Decade of Champions” 20” x 30” poster from Miller Lite marking Super Bowls XVI, XVII and XXII and including illustrations of Doug Williams, John Riggins and Mark Rypien, ex-m; and Budweiser “Congratulations” poster to the 1987 World Champions, 17.5” x 23.25”, vg, highlights beer images rather than the Redskins. The 1992 Redskins team is on a g-vg 17.25” x 22” poster, and the 1995 team, on an ex poster the same size. A different team, the Redskinettes cheerleaders, are on two posters, one for 1993, 18” x 22” and vg, and one for 1996, 17.5” x 22” and ex. The Redskins Band is also the subject of a poster, this one by Kodak; it recognizes the band’s contribution from 1937-93, ex-m, 18” x 23.75”. Also, a 1986 schedule poster, 18” x 28”, vg+; 2002 Redskins 70th Anniversary poster by Budweiser, 19” x 27”, vg+ to ex; and a 1991 “Redskins Traditions” poster, g+ and 16” x 20” from WMAL Radio and Kodak. An 18” x 22.75” poster identifies Joe Jacoby as the team’s offensive “Lineman of the Year,” and Charles Mann for the defense, ex-m. And a 21.5” x 32” poster has The Hogs offensive linemen of the early 1980s in a funeral setting for the “Graveyard Dogs” of other NFL teams, vg-ex. Hogs linemen are also shown in an 11” x 14” poster from Dr. Pepper, nm-m (not rolled). 22-24. PLACEMATS: Two Hogs, Russ Grimm and Jeff Bostic, are on a Shakey’s Pizza placemat, f-g; Joe Theismann and Art Monk are on second, ex-m, and Darrell Green and Charlie Brown on a third, nm-m. 25-33. MAGAZINES, Etc. (No labels unless otherwise noted). Six issues of “Sports Illustrated,” five with Redskins covers, most related to the Super Bowl. – Jan. 31, 1983, the Redskins win their first Super Bowl, ex; Jan. 16, 1984, “Theismann Leads the Skins Back To The Super Bowl,” nm+; Jan. 30,1984, Raiders win, nm; Sept. 3, 1984, Joe Theismann cover, label, nm; Feb. 8, 1988, Doug Williams super in the Super Bowl, ex-m+; and Feb. 3, 1992, “MVP Mark Rypien leads the Redskins to a Super Blowout,” nm-m. Also, “Capital Sports Focus,” Oct. 1988, Doug Williams on the cover, ex-m. And “The Washington Post Magazine,” Sept. 2, 1990, Art Monk cover, ex-m. Plus a softcover book, “Quarterbacking” by Joe Theismann, 1983, vg, 112 pages. 34-40. PHOTOS: Team photos, 11” x 17” color offset prints of the Redskins for 1982 (Super Bowl XVII Champions) ex+, 1983 ex-m and 1984 (2, both vg-ex), and an 8.5” x 11” photo for 1986 nm. Also, an 8.75” x 11.25” g+ to vg photo of the 1994-95 Redskinettes and an 8.5” x 11” Gary Clark advertising flyer, nm. 41-57. BUMPER STICKERS: Seventeen different, four with a Super Bowl reference, one “I Love Them Hogs!”; 13 ex or better, and the other four, g-vg or vg+. 58-60. SIGNS: Three signs, two about 11.5” x 17”, one with “I Love Them HOGS!” nm-m, and the other, with “Redskins Lose, Details in Sports, ‘The Washington Times’,” vg-ex with a pin hole. The third folds out to 11” x 24.5”: “Hail to the Redskins.” The opposite side of the sign presents 26 “Greatest Moments in RFK History” under the heading “The Tradition Continues.” Nm-m. 61-83. ALSO: Except as noted, these items are generally ex or better. Two small cloth banners. A life-sized paper football helmet, g-vg. Sixteen different schedules. Promotional materials for the “Redskin News.” A promotional brochure for a trip to Super Bowl XX. A 16-page “Handbook” for Super Bowl XXII. A 20-page program for a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House, “Rally Round the Redskins.” 84-103. And 20 one-sheet 10” x 13” complimentary programs for the Oct. 4, 1987 Washington-St. Louis game at RFK Stadium. Washington won, 28-21. More than 100 Redskins collectibles! Winning Bid $30.    

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       Winning Bid  $30


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