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1930s R184-2 “Indian Chiefs” Set of 24 in 3 Uncut Strips of 8 Cards.

Lot 501. 1930s R184-2 “Indian Chiefs” Set of 24 in 3 Uncut Strips of 8 Cards. . These cards are vertical with only the chief’s photo on the front. The backs have each chief’s name and historical information. The set includes Red Cloud, Little Big-Man and Sitting Bull. Each strip is slightly miscut, with 1/16” of the strip next to it on the left side. This condition seems to be somewhat common for the issue. Each strip lines up perfectly with one of the other strips. Otherwise, the three strips are free of creases with sharp corners and have nm-m to mint cards. Winning Bid $35.    

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       Winning Bid  $35


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