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1939 and 1940 Issues of “The Wind-Up” Magazine.

Lot 468. 1939 and 1940 Issues of “The Wind-Up” Magazine. The 1939 issue is the inaugural edition of “The Wind-Up,” heralded on its cover as “America’s Baseball Annual.” Lefty Gomez of the Yankees is the cover subject. Inside are 62 pages of copy and photos covering the American and National Leagues and the minors. Ten player photos accompany an profile of each major league team. A brief article on each team in four minor leagues is supported by six player photos. Ex. Lefty Grove is on the cover of the 1940 issue. The format is essentially the same as for the 1939 edition. A young Phil Rizzuto is pictured as a member of the American Association’s Kansas City team. Ex. Winning Bid $20.    

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       Winning Bid  $20


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