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26 “Sporting News” Issues, 1935-1962 – 15 from the 1930s and 7 from the 1940s.

Lot 467. 26 “Sporting News” Issues, 1935-1962 – 15 from the 1930s and 7 from the 1940s. Varying degrees of foxing and tears, common with newsprint, are present, especially in the earlier issues. Some are somewhat rough but complete, reading copies that provide interesting details and insights on mid-19th century baseball history. Vg overall. 1935 (12 issues): Jan. 31; Feb. 14; Feb. 21, Lefty O’Doul photo; March 14, photos of Cronin, Cochrane, Frisch, Hornsby, W. Johnson, Terry, Traynor, etc.; March 21; March 28, Dizzy Dean-Bill Terry feud, photos of Cochran, Foxx, Mack and others; April 18; July 11, photo of Jimmy Foxx on the front page, All-Star Game coverage; Aug. 8, Lou Gehrig in an ad for Camel cigarettes; Oct. 31; Nov. 7, photos of Ruth, Speaker, Young, etc.; and Nov. 21, photos of Baker, Bender, Cochrane, Lajoie, Waddel and others. 1938 (3 issues): May 19, front-page photos of Cal Hubbard as a football player and baseball umpire, now in the Pro and College Football Halls of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame; July 14,front-page photo of Babe Ruth in a Dodgers uniform; and Dec. 8. 1945 (3 issues): Sept. 27, front-page Willard Mullin cartoon featuring Happy Chandler; Oct. 11, p condition, Mullin front-page cartoon, photos of Cochrane, Greenberg, Rickey, etc.; Nov. 1, several photos of Jackie Robinson and a photo Branch Rickey inside, Bill Veeck on the cover. 1946 (1 issue): July 10, article on the failure of especially the A.L. to add right-handed pinch hitters to the All-Star team. 1947 (2 issues): April 16, Leo Durocher and Jackie Robinson on the front cover, Babe Ruth inside; July 14, 14th annual All-Star Game issue, photos of Mel Ott, Jackie Robinson, Warren Spahn plus Mullin front-page cartoon. 1948 (1 issue): June 23, front-page photo and a full page of photos inside covering Babe Ruth’s final appearance at Yankee Stadium; tears on the front cover, inside pages ex. 1952 (1 issue): Dec. 31, front-page drawings of 1952 award winners – Roberts, Skowron, Stanky, Appling, Weiss, Cook and Lyons. 1959 (1 issue): Oct. 14, photos of Drysdale, Ford, Greenberg, Hornsby, W. Johnson, Killebrew, Martin, Koufax, Wynn and others). 1960 (1 issue): Jan. 20, artist’s sketch of Willie Mays on the front page, photos of Ashburn, Drysdale, McCovey, Rickey, etc., inside. 1962 (1 issue): Sept. 8, front-page Mullin cartoon with Stengel, photos inside of Cepeda, Hodges, Veeck, Wills, etc. Winning Bid $100.    

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       Winning Bid  $100


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