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31 Signed Football Cards Including HoFers Largent, Emmitt Thomas and Other Stars.

Lot 461. 31 Signed Football Cards Including HoFers Largent, Emmitt Thomas and Other Stars. Eighteen players signed in Sharpie or other felt tip, and 13, in ballpoint. The felt-tip signatures, unless otherwise noted, are nm-m 8 to mint 9 or better. The pen autographs are graded individually. For each player, we have listed his key pro accomplishments, primary NFL team and the type of card and year of the card he signed. (Only the year is listed for Topps cards). Felt-tip signatures: Bill Baird, Jets, 1965. Pete Banaszak, Raiders, 1973. Billy Joe Dupree, 3x Pro Bowl, Cowboys, 1977. Larry Eisenhauer (died 2020), 4x AFL All-Star, Patriots, 1965. Jerry Golsteyn, Giants, 1978. Dave Green, Buccaneers, 1975. Steve Grogan. Patriots, 1978. Derrick Johnson, Chiefs, 2005 Sage. Matt Jones, Jaguars, 2005 Sage. Patrick Kerney, Falcons and Seahawks, 2x Pro Bowl, 2007 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, 1989 Collector’s Edge. John Kolb, Steelers All-Time Team, 1979. Steve Largent, Pro Hall of Fame, Seahawks, 1979, nm 7, strong on a dark background. Dan McGwire, Seahawks, 1991 Ultra. Floyd Peters (d. 2008), 3x Pro Bowl, Browns and Eagles, 1967 Philadelphia. John Reaves (d. 2017), Bengals, 1973, nm 7. Carlos Rogers, Pro Bowl, Redskins, 2005 Sage. Norm Snead, 4x Pro Bowl, Eagles, 1976. Emmitt Thomas, Pro Hall of Fame, 5x Pro Bowl, Chiefs, 1976. Ballpoint autographs: Fred Arbanas (died 2021), 6x AFL All-Stars, Texans/Chiefs, 1964, ex 5 to ex-m 6. Rocky Bleier, Steelers, 1979, nm-m 8. L. C. Greenwood (d. 2013), 6x Pro Bowl, All-Time Steelers Team, 1990 Pro Set, nm 7. Bucko Kilroy (d. 2007), 3x Pro Bowl, established the modern NFL Draft, Patriots GM, Eagles, 1955 Bowman, nm 7 to nm-m 8. Billy Ray Locklin (d. 2019), CFL All-Star, Raiders, 1962 Post Cereal CFL, ex-m 6 to nm 7. Johnny Morris, 1964 NFL leader in receptions and receiving yards and touchdowns, Bears’ all-time leader in receiving yards, 1968, personalized, nm-m 8 small signature. Bill Nelsen (d. 2019), Steelers and Browns, 1969 Pro Bowl, 1971, nm-m 8. Tom Nowatzke, Lions, 1968, ex-m to nm 7. Dave Osborn, 1970 Pro Bowl, Vikings, 1971, ex-m 6 to nm 7. Jim Phillips (d. 2015), 3x Pro Bowl, 1971 NFL receptions leader, Vikings, 1963, ex 5. Leo Sanford, Chicago Cardinals, 1953 Bowman, ex 5 to ex-m 6. Tobin Rote (d. 2000), Pro Bowl, 1956 NFL passing yards leader, 2x NFL passing touchdowns leader, 1963 AFL MVP, Packers and Chargers, 1961 Topps Canadian card, ex-m 6. Bob Talamini, 6x AFL All-Star, Oilers, 1968, vg-ex 4, traced over, apparently by Talamini, p-f card. Winning Bid $102.    

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       Winning Bid  $102


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