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Autographs by Gale Sayers, Jerry Rice, Dick Butkus and Doak Walker.

Lot 451. Autographs by Gale Sayers, Jerry Rice, Dick Butkus and Doak Walker. Two autographs are in player autobiographies, and two are on other items. In addition, there are two unsigned books. All four books are hardbacks. Sayers placed an unimprovable gem mint 10 autograph on the title page of his “Sayers: My Life and Times,” a 2007 apparent first edition, mint book and nm-m dust jacket. Dick Butkus wrote the foreword for the book, which Sayers wrote with Fred Mitchell, a “Chicago Tribune” sportswriter. Sayers died in 2020. He is in the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame and ranked 21st on “The Sporting News” list of “Football’s 100 Greatest Players.” Rice signed the title page of his “Go Long! My Journey Beyond the Game and Fame,” written with Brian Curtis, mint 2007 stated first edition with an ex-m+ dust jacket. His title page signature is gem mint 10. Rice also is in the College and Pro Halls of Fame. He ranked second on “The Sporting News” list of football’s best – behind only Jim Brown. The two unsigned books are “The Jim Plunkett Story” by Plunkett with Dave Newhouse, 1981 apparent first edition, vg+ to ex book and dust jacket, and “Running Tough: Memoirs of a Football Maverick” by Tony Dorsett with Harvey Frommer, 1989 stated first edition, vg book with heavy soiling on the white covers, ex dust jacket. The autograph by Butkus is nm 7 on a 7.5” x 10” Pro-Star Volpe portrait. Walker (died 1998) autographed a 3” x 13” advertisement for belts from the 1950s. His signature is bold and mint 9 on the ad, which has his photo. Both Butkus and Walker are members of the College and Pro Halls of Fame. Butkus was the 9th best player on “The Sporting News” list. Winning Bid $35.    

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       Winning Bid  $35


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