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2 Early Football Books – 1 by Walter Camp - and 6 Publications from 1948-85.

Lot 448. 2 Early Football Books – 1 by Walter Camp - and 6 Publications from 1948-85. The early books are without covers, have complete text and may be missing advertising pages. Reach issued the earliest, “Foot-Ball Rules and Referee’s Book,” revised by Walter Camp, 1893. The pages are vg and contain photos of Ivy League players, including All-American Harry Thayer of the University of Pennsylvania. The other early book, from 1905, is “Football: How to Play the Game” by William H. Bannard, who played football at Princeton and coached at Northwestern. His text makes reference to rugby football, but the accompanying photos show American football. Many players are shown wearing nose guards. The pages are vg. Three publications are from “The Sporting News”: Two issues of the “Football Register,” 1976 (Frank Tarkenton cover, ex-m) and 1978 (Walter Payton cover, vg+ to ex); and one issue of “Pro Football Guide,” 1985 (Dan Marino cover, vg). The books are: “Bill Stern’s Favorite Football Stories,” 1948 vg paperback; “Staubach: First Down, Lifetime to Go,” 1974 hardback without a dust jacket, ex; and “Big Ten Records Book 1978-1979,” ex. Winning Bid $20.    

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       Winning Bid  $20


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