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6 1950s Baltimore Colts Game Day Programs vs. Rams, Packers, Bears and Lions.

Lot 439. 6 1950s Baltimore Colts Game Day Programs vs. Rams, Packers, Bears and Lions. Four programs are for Colts’ home games at Baltimore Memorial Stadium, and two are for games at Briggs Stadium in Detroit. Home Games: 1. Nov. 20, 1955 vs. Los Angeles Rams. This game ended in a 17-17 tie. The 46-page program grades vg+ with the score added to the front cover. Six full pages are devoted to photos, four to the Colts and two to the Rams. Another shows Colts executives. Among the players are Gino Marchetti, Don Shula, Art Donovan, Buddy Young, Raymond Berry and Alan Ameche for the Colts and Tom Fears, Andy Robustelli, Elroy Hirsch and Norm Van Brocklin for the Rams. 2. Oct, 28, 1956 vs. the Green Bay Packers. The Colts defeated the Packers, 28-21. A brief biographical sketch highlights another “win” for the Colts, and a “loss” for the Pittsburgh Steelers: JOHNNY UNITAS…- “Signed as free agent after being released by Pittsburgh last year, when he was Steelers’ ninth draft choice…Passed for over 3,000 yards and 27 TDs while in (college at) Louisville….” The program has full-page photos of Carl Taseff, George Shaw and Billy Vessels, and Don Joyce. Two pages of Packers’ photos include Jim Ringo and Tobin Rote. Ex 50-page program. 3. Oct. 5, 1957 the vs. Chicago Bears. Johnny Unitas threw two touchdown passes and Lenny Moore ran 55 yards for another TD as the Colts beat the Bears, 21-10. Vg+ 50-page program, center folio loose, full-page photos of Alan Ameche, Raymond Berry, Gene Lipscomb, Gino Marchetti and Johnny Unitas. 4. Nov. 2, 1958 vs. the Green Bay Packers. These Colts destroyed the Packers, 56-0. Johnny Unitas and George Shaw each threw two touchdown passes and Shaw ran for another TD. Vg+ program, 50 pages, numerous Colts’ photos and Ford, Hornung, Starr, Ringo and McGee for the Packers. This win was the sixth of nine for the Colts, and their 9-3 record was enough to clinch the NFL Western Conference title. In the NFL Championship Game, they defeated the New York Giants in sudden-death overtime, 23-17, the first in an NFL Championship Game, 23-17. AWAY GAMES: 5. Nov. 18, 1956 vs. the Detroit Lions. Detroit won, 27-3. Vg+ to ex 56-page program with photos of Bobby Layne, Doak Walker, Lou Creekmur, Joe Schmidt, Gino Marchetti and Art Donovan. 6. Nov. 5, 1955 vs. the Detroit Lions. Bobby Layne and Doak Walker were instrumental in this 24-24 Lions victory. Ex program, 56 pages, and photos of Lenny Moore, Gino Marchetti, Raymond Berry, Johnny Unitas and Don Shula for the Colts and Lou Creekmur, Bobby Layne, Yale Lary, Joe Schmidt and Jack Christiansen for the Lions Winning Bid $55.    

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       Winning Bid  $55


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