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51 Early 1900s Comic Postcards – “Singles” and from Baseball and Non-Baseball Series.

Lot 244. 51 Early 1900s Comic Postcards – “Singles” and from Baseball and Non-Baseball Series. All different. Grades are based on the card fronts; some have minor pencil writing on the back, and some have been mailed. Some card titles are abbreviated. If you need additional details, please call us. These cards are “singles”; they are not part of a series: A Base Hit, ball hits and old man, g-vg. A Close Decision, #60, Roth & Langley, vg. A Pitcher with All Kinds of Curves, writing on front, f. Gee! Aint It Hell To Be Poor, Series 753, g. Good Eye, signed Beaty, writing on front, p. Had I een the BATTER’S skill, runner slides to a heart as home plate, g. Honey You Sure Made a Big Hit With Me!, #207, ex. I Elect You Member of the Bug Club, writing on front, p-f. If you would make a hit with me, C S 508, vg. It Went Against His Stomach, front writing, otherwise vg-ex. I’ve Never Touched a Drop, signed Crosby, vg. Of course I’m fond of candy, two hearts in corner, vg. Somebody Goofed!, signed Tony Roy, the chicken and the eggs, ex-m. Strike, One! Strike, Two!, two photos, Colonial Art, f. The Ball Player, F.L. 330, catcher, vg+. The Base-ball player, F.L. 151, signed Gassaway, front writing, otherwise vg. The Chaplain Umpires, Fun in the Navy Series, vg-ex. The Home Bawl Team, Komic Kids Series 189, g+ to vg. The umpire’s job looks good, Roth & Langley, vg. There’s-a-Reason, Series No. 26, g-vg. Valentine Greetings: I’m a mighty muscular Base Ball Man, vg-ex. Wow, Wow,…Rolling Up a Score, batter with silhouette of a tiger, front writing, otherwise vg. You made an awful hit with me, Comics Series No. 16, vg-ex. No title, embossed, beautiful card, catcher and batter, U.S. flag, rose and harp, vg-ex. THE FOLLOWING CARDS ARE BASEBALL POSTCARDS FROM NON-BASEBALL SERIES. The title follows the series description: Dog and Diapered Curly Haired Boy by Ullman: Play Ball, front writing, f. How Can You Do It, signed DWIG: How Can You Do It on 4 30 Per?, vg+. Helen E. Jeffers Series 89: If I were a “Freshman” young and green, vg+. J Johnson Valentine Series No. 407: To My Sweetheart (Do I), vg-ex. That’s What They All Say! Series No. 25: I Didn’t Want To Hit It That Time, vg+. The Coming Champs: (Boy with bat surrounded by other children), vg-ex. And Will I: Ever again umpire, g-vg. THE FINAL 20 CARDS ARE FROM BASEBALL SERIES. Ten series are represented: PC798-2, Series 312: A Delayed Steal, vg. PC798-36, The National Game: Take Your Base and You’re Out, g-vg and vg+ to ex. PC798-44, Valentine & Sons: 3 Strikes Out. Vg. PC798-47, H followed by a number: 960 Home Team, inning by inning score, 978 A Pitch in Time, 1002 How would you like, 1009 A “Home Run” when needed and 1011 Batter Out? Four g-vg, one with front writing, and one vg. PC798-48, signed Wall, small boys and girls: I’d like to SHORT-STOP, f-g. PC798-51, signed L. C. Phifer, Series 1820: Eve stole first and Goliath was struck, one f-g, one vg-ex. PC798-57, little boy with bat: A Puzzler for Fair and Just Keep Your Eye on the Ball, one p-f and one g. PC798-65, baseball in upper left corner: CentreFielder and Third Baseman, g+ to vg. PC798-62, P.C.K. Series B. 204: Don’t get your games Mixed! and Say! Isn’t it hard to please everybody? Vg-ex. And PC798-66, C. J. Rose: My Bat-ing Average is Growing and I’ve Got All the Curves, g-vg and vg. Winning Bid $125.    

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       Winning Bid  $125


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