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50 Small Baseball Sets – Most Complete, Some Near Complete, Partial or Starter.

Lot 110. 50 Small Baseball Sets – Most Complete, Some Near Complete, Partial or Starter. These sets are absolutely loaded with MVPs and Superstars. Here is the list: 1. 1976 ISCA Hoosier Hot-Stove All-Stars Set of 26 with Hodges, Larsen and HoFers. From the Indiana Sports Collectors Association, nm+. 2. 1977 Shakey’s Pizza Set of 25 All-Time Superstars. The set includes Cobb, J. DiMaggio, Gehrig, Joe Jackson, Mathewson, Ruth, Wagner, T. Williams, Cy Young, and others. Nm-m to mint. 3. 1980-83 Cramer Baseball Legends Set of 120. This set features stars from various time periods. The list includes Aaron, Berra, Clemente, Cobb, Dean, J. DiMaggio, Feller, Foxx, Gehrig, Greenberg, Hornsby, Shoeless Joe Jackson, W. Johnson, Koufax, Mantle, Maris, Mathewson, Mays, Musial, Paige, Reese, B. Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Ruth, Spahn, Wagner, Ted Williams and Cy Young. The set also features a card of Chuck Connors of “The Rifleman” fame. With few exceptions cards in this set are nm-m to mint. 4-23. 1982 Kmart 20th Anniversary Collector Series MVP’s from Topps – 20 Complete Sets. These sets of 44 cards each come in their original boxes. The cards retain their pack-fresh nm-m to mint condition with the exception of the #21 Rich Allen cards, which have varying degrees of staining from the gum. 24. 1986 Fleer Limited Edition Baseball Superstars Set of 44. All the cards are present, but the six logo stickers are not. Nm-m to mint. 25. 1986 Topps Major League Leaders Set of 66. The cards are nm-m to mint overall. Key cards include #1 Murray, 2 Ripken, 3 Boggs, 18 Brett, 27 Henderson, 28 Mattingly, 43 Ryan, 50 Carter, 52 Gooden, 55 Schmidt and 65 Gwynn. 26-31. 1987 Fleer Limited Edition Baseball Superstars Set of 44 Trading Cards and 6 Logo Stickers – 6 complete sets. These cards are as new in nm-m to mint condition. 32-35. 1987 Fleer Major League Baseball’s Best Sluggers vs. Pitchers Set of 44 – 4 complete sets. Each of these sets contains 44 cards and 6 logo stickers. The cards and stickers are as new in nm-m to mint condition. All four of the sets are in their original boxes. Three of the boxes remain sealed in their original cellophane wrapping. 36. 1988 Pacific Eight Men Out Set of 110. Cards include Eddie Collins, Comiskey, Shoeless Joe Jackson Judge Landis and many others. Cards are nm-m overall. 37. 1991 Classic Draft Picks Unopened Set of 51 Cards. This set includes Manny Ramirez. 38. 1993 Kahn’s New York Mets Team Set of 29. Among the players are Eddie Murray and Dwight Gooden. Two of the cards are Kahn’s coupons. Cards in the set are nm to nm-m. 39. Undated “The 1919 ‘Black Sox’ Unique Team Set Reprint” of 25 cards. Includes 24 b&w photos of players and team president Comiskey and a color card of “Shoeless Joe” Jackson. Cards are nm-m to mint and come in their original box. Partial Sets: 40. Reprint of 1941 Play Ball Cards – 59 of 72. The major stars have been removed but some of the HoFers that remain include Cronin, Gehringer and Klein. These cards are like new and grade ex-m to nm; centering primarily keeps them from grading higher. 41. 1965 Topps Embossed - Mickey Mantle p-f and Tim McCarver vg. 42. 1970 Fleer World Series Partial Set – 30 of 66. The 1932 Series card features Ruth and Gehrig after Ruth’s called shot. Cards in this partial set average vg+ to ex. 43. 1970 Topps Scratch Offs – 13 cards, 11 of 24 in the set. Cards include Aparicio (no back panel) p, Bando (2) both ex, Bosman ex-m, Hegan ex-m, Jones vg-ex, Kaline vg-ex, Marichal (no back panel) p, Osteen f, Perez f-g, Stottlemyre vg-ex and Wynn (2) one vg-ex and the other g. 44. 1973 Fleer Baseball’s Wildest Days and Plays – 26 of 42. Some highlights include #10 The Yankees Weren’t Shut Out For Two Years, 12 Slugger Sisler’s Greatest Thrill Was As A Pitcher and 34 Pruett Fanned Ruth 19 times in 31 Tries! Cards in this partial set average vg-ex to ex. 45. Undated 1976 Crane/Isaly’s Discs Near Set – 63 of 70. Two have Isaly’s backs. The other backs are blank. Among the missing are Aaron, Bench, Morgan and F. Robinson. Key cards that are present include Brock, Carew, Carlton, R. Jackson, Munson, Palmer, B. Robinson, Rose, Ryan, Schmidt, Seaver, Stargell and Yastrzemski. Discs are nm-m to mint overall. 46. 1982 Big League Collectibles Diamond Classics Partial Set – 27 of 56 Cards. They include Grove, Hornsby, Traynor, and many others. Cards are nm-m to mint. 47. 1983 Big League Collectibles Original All-Star Partial Set – 34 of 40 Cards. Cards include Mack, McGraw, P. Waner and a load of other stars. Nm-m to mint. 48. 1983 Kellogg’s Near Set 59 of 60. #6 Rose is missing. Some of the other stars that are present include Brett, Carew, Carlton, Murray, Ryan, Schmidt, Winfield, and Yastrzemski. The cards are nm-m to mint. 49. 1986 Leaf – 131 of 264 Cards. With the exception of a few cards that have issues with centering, these cards are nm-m to mint overall. Some of the stars include Carlton, Henderson, Jackson, Murray, Rose (King of Kings) Schmidt, Seaver, Strawberry and Yount. 50. 1988 Toys “R” Us Baseball Rookies Set of 33 Cards in the original box. The set includes Greenwell, McGriff, McGwire, and Nokes. Nm-m to mint set. Winning Bid $168.    

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       Winning Bid  $168


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