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Redskins Memorabilia – John Riggins, the Hogs and Hogettes.

Lot 511. Redskins Memorabilia – John Riggins, the Hogs and Hogettes. Riggins is the focus of most items, including the complete Jan. 31, 1983 Washington Post that shows him scoring a 43-yard touchdown in Super Bowl XVII, ex+. He is on the cover of numerous other publications: Super Bowl retrospectives from the Post and the Washington Times, a 1984 program (with a Redskinettes poster inside), the 1983 issues of “ESPN Sports Almanac” and “Athlon’s Pro Football,” the 1984 Sporting News and Street and Smith’s “Pro Football” yearbook, the Aug. 1984 Washingtonian and a paperback copy of “Riggins in Motion,” a 1985 book by Denis Harrington. These publications average ex. Riggins is pictured inside “Vince Bagli’s 1984 Calendar of Sports,” nm-m, and on a plastic cup. Two 3” pins say “Go John,” and a third says “Go-Go Riggo,” nm. Three different camouflage hats are for “Riggo’s Rangers,” nm-m. The Hogs are represented by two “Hog Attack” T-shirts, a “Superhogs” flag, a 4” “Hog Chow” display item, a Hog snout and a 12” x 16 ½” “I Love Them Hogs!” plastic sign. These items are generally near mint. A 14” x 23” insert from the Times pictures the Hogettes, who appear also on five trading cards. A pin also features a Hog.
Winning Bid $40.

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Winning Bid $40    


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