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Huge Redskins Grab Bag – 225+ Items - Publications, Pins, Glasses, Etc.

Lot 509. Huge Redskins Grab Bag – 225+ Items - Publications, Pins, Glasses, Etc. No duplicates. Publications: 1983 “The Imposible Dream” and “1982 NFL Champion Redsins: The Season of Respect,” ex-m to nm. Programs for 1984, 1987, 1997 (2), 2000 and 2002. Nm. Calendars for 1978-79, 1983-84 (Redskinettes), 1989, ex-m+. 28 different schedules, primarily from the 1980s and 1990s, including player pocket schedules for 1982 (Butz), 1986 (Larry Brown), 1992 (Mann) and 1994 (Bobby Wilson). Average ex. Various promotion items. Redskins parking passes, including one pictureing Clinton Portis. 1992 NFL Champions Wheaties box, vg-ex. 27 bumper stickers, nine with division championships or Super Bowl appearances, including Super Bowl VIII. Average ex, many nm. 2 miniatures Redskins license plates. 1999, 2000 1/80th-scale trucks from White Rose Collectibles, mint in the original boxes. Redskins plastic coin bank filled with Snack Factory red and yellow jelly beans. Ex-m. 12” Redskins football, nm-m; soap football. 39 pins, one-third with a Super Bowl connection, some with a “Hogs” connection. Average ex+. 7 Christmas tree or holiday ornaments, all in the original boxes. 8 glasses or mugs. 4 hats or caps, including one “Riggo’s Rangers.” Duffle bag, small bag. 7 plastic cups, one with Jurgensen, one with the 1970s Redskins helmet. Also, a thermos (no lid), water bottle, golf balls, megaphones (3), magnets, patches (3), napkins, Garfield air freshener, flags, puffy stickers, pencils, lighters, key chains. In addition, Super Bowl XVII Coca-Cola bottle, Alamo ribbons for Super Bowl XXII, a “Whomp-It” “Team Booster” puppet, flags, towels, an 8 mm film and 16 posters, many related to Super Bowls. Whew! What a collection!
Winning Bid $55.

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Winning Bid $55    


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