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Washington Redskins Programs, Publications.

Lot 507. Washington Redskins Programs, Publications. This collection begins with 14 programs: 8/3/66 vs. Baltimore g+. 1983 vs. Oakland vg. Vs. St. Louis vg-ex. 1984 vs. Dallas, Riggins cover, nm. 1986 vs. Minnesota, cover loose, vg. 1987 vs. St. Louis nm-m. 1996 vs. Jets ex-m+. Vs. 49ers ex. 1997 vs. Arizona nm-m. Vs. Dallas nm+. Vs. Giants ex. 1998 vs. Dallas ex-m+. 2000 vs. Detroit nm-m. 2002 vs. Houston nm-m. Super Bowl, Playoff Programs: 1984 playoff vs. 49ers nm+. Super Bowl XVII and XVIII nm-m, XXII vg-ex. Related pubs on Super Bowl XVIII, XXII, nm. Sports Illustrated: 1/31/83 Darryl Grant, 1/16/84 Theismann, 1/30/84, 2/8/88 Doug Williams, 2/3/92 Mark Rypien, all nm or better. Media Guides: 1972, 1981, 1983, average vg. Also, Sports Focus 1975 Redskins, ex. “Rally Round the Redskins,” 1985-87, 1996, some cards, ex. Larry Brown (2), Jurgensen (2) on 1960s-70s publications, average vg-ex. 20 1980s and more recent publications with covers including Theismann (4), Jurgensen (2), Doug Williams, Jack Kent Cooke, Monk, Baugh, Riggins. 1989 calendar, ex-m. Newspapers covering the 1983, 1992 Super Bowls, other key games. Also, 1971 Washington Daily News supplement, “The Future is Now” with George Allen, ex, and Oct. 12, 1969 Potomac with Vince Lombardi on the cover, vg. 70 publications.
Winning Bid $40.

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Winning Bid $40    


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