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9 1940s-60s Washington Redskins Programs.

Lot 504. 9 1940s-60s Washington Redskins Programs. Five are for games with the Baltimore Colts. 1946, Sept. 22 vs. the Bears at Baltimore Stadium, complete, pages separated, p. 1949, Nov. 20 vs. the Bears, complete, most pages separated, otherwise vg. 1950, Nov. 26 vs. Baltimore, vg. Dec. 10 vs. Cleveland, vg. 1962, Nov. 11 vs Cleveland, writing on cover, otherwise vg-ex. Five programs are for the Redskins’ Shrine charity games, including the inaugural in 1962 against Baltimore; score on the cover, otherwise ex. The Redskins faced the Colts also in 1964 (cover writing; otherwise ex), 1966 ex-m and 1970 g+. The Bears provided the opposition in 1965, vg+.
Winning Bid $68.

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Winning Bid $68    


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