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Darrell Green Bobble Heads with Original McDonald’s Display.

Lot 501. Darrell Green Bobble Heads with Original McDonald’s Display. As Green concluded a brilliant 20-season career as a Washington Redskins defensive back in 2002, the team and McDonald’s honored him with two bobble heads. One has Green towering over RFK Stadium, and the other, Fed-Ex Field. He wears the Redskins’ home uniform at FedEx, and the road uniform at RFK. Both bobbles are mint in their original boxes. The point-of-purchase display consists of a plastic case that proclaims: “He’s been around for 20 years. They (the bobbles) won’t be.” Both versions were offered. The case is ex-m, and the header has some creases and is complete, colorful and attractive. A “Farewell” program with Green on the cover is also included. One of the bobbles alone recently sold on EBay for $30.
Winning Bid $25.

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Winning Bid $25    


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