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Pittsburgh Pirates Memorabilia   4 Lots      

Lot 261.  1934 Official Scorecard for a Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis Baseball Game. The Waners, Pie Traynor and Arky Vaughn are in the printed lineup for this game in Indianapolis. The 20 page scorecard was put together with half of the page upside down. The center scorecard is rightside-up and neatly scored in pencil. Ex scorecard with a small pen marking and the number “34” in pencil on the cover.
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 262.  Unusual ONL Giles Baseball with Facsimile Autographs of 24 1953 Pirates. Facsimile team signatures on an official baseball are somewhere between uncommon and scarce. This ball has Pirates manager Fred Haney on the sweet spot, and Johnny O’Brien atop the ONL stamping. Other key names are Ralph Kiner, Joe Garagiola, Murry Dickson and rookies Vic Janowicz, El Roy Face, Bob Friend and Eddie O’Brien.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 263.  8 1968 KDKA Pittsburgh Pirates. # 7 Shepard, 11 Pagan, 12 May, 22 Alley, 34 McBean, 35 Sanguillen, 39 Veale, 40 Wickersham. McBean is vg+ to ex and Sanguillen is ex-m. The other cards are nm or better.
Winning Bid $20.

Lot 264.  4 Items Relating to Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium. 1. Color poster schedule, about 16” x 33 ½”, from Old German Premium Lager Beer. At the top, it pictures Three Rivers Stadium with the parking lot still under construction. The rest of the poster consists of the 1971 standings, various statistics and the 1972 Major League Schedule. The poster displays extremely well with a pinhole at the top and some minor creasing. Unusual. 2. A pass from the Pittsburgh Base Ball Club for 1970, the year Three Rivers Stadium opened. Nm. 3. A plate 7 ¾” in diameter showing various Pittsburgh points of interest. At the center is Three Rivers Stadium, with the words “Pittsburgh Someplace Special” above. Nm. 4. A 12” plastic display disk promoting the Pirates’ final 2000 series against the Cubs. It pictures the Stadium and the Pirates and Cubs logos.
Winning Bid $35.
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