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Game-Used Bats   7 Lots      

Lot 265.  Moises Alou Game-Used, Autographed Rawlings Adirondack Big Stick Bat. This bat is from Alou’s tour with the Houston Astros, 1998 and 2000-2001. He is a .301 lifetime hitter. The 34” bat has pine tar on the handle, #18 on the knob, a slight crack on the handle, and otherwise shows good use. The autograph is strong with the “ou” smudged. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 266.  Bobby Bonilla Game-Used Rawlings Adirondack Silver and Black Big Stick Bat. Impressive 35” bat says “Marlins” on the barrel, dating it as likely a product of the 1997 season, or possibly 1998. It has a small amount of pine tar on the barrel, #24 on the knob and shows game use, primarily on the back of the barrel. Bonilla was a fan favorite in Pittsburgh before seeking greener pastures with the Mets in New York. He spent 16 seasons in the major. Ex and attractive bat.
Minimum Bid $50.

Lot 267.  Gary Carter Game-Used 1986-89 Louisville Slugger P72 Bat. This 34” dark-brown bat used by the Hall of Fame catcher is uncracked, shows significant game use and has tape covering part of the Louisville Slugger logo. A three-time Gold Glove winner, Carter hit 298 home runs, fourth best on the all-time list among catchers and second only to Johnny Bench in the National League. He was enshrined at Cooperstown in 2003.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 268.  Fred Lynn Game-Used Rawlings Adirondack Pro Ring Stick Bat. This black and white 34” bat with an orange #19 on the knob has a light crack on the back of the handle. It shows light game use and displays very well. Lynn was excellent defensively in a 17-season career that began in Boston, included stops in California, Baltimore and Detroit, and concluded in San Diego. He hit .283 lifetime with 1960 hits and 1111 RBI. He was the first rookie to win the Most Valuable Player Award.
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 269.  Orlando Merced Game-Used Louisville Slugger S318 Bat. Merced played the outfield for Pittsburgh 1990-96 before beginning a journey that took him to Toronto, Minnesota, Boston, Chicago, Montreal and Houston. He batted .313 in 1993. The 35” bat is clean with ball marks on the barrel. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 270.  Game-Used Dave Parker Bat, Cooper Pro 100, Professional C243. This 35 ½” bat has pine tar on the handle and Parker’s uniform number, 39, lightly on the knob. It is cracked with a ¾” x 7” section of wood missing from the back of the handle.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 271.  Game-Used Tim Raines Bat, Cooper Pro 100, Professional TR4. This 33 ½” bat has light pine tar coverage on the unusual oblong handle. Rains’ uniform number, 30, is on the knob. The bat is uncracked with ball marks on the barrel. Raines batted .294 over a career that spanned 1979-2002.
Winning Bid $55.
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