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4 Programs Autographed by Basketball Hall of Fame Members.

Lot 534. 4 Programs Autographed by Basketball Hall of Fame Members. 1. Dave Bing signed a 1972 program for a New York vs. Detroit game at Madison Square Garden. His autograph is a 10 on the cover. Bing was a backcourt whiz who averaged 20 points per game in seven of his 12 NBA seasons. 2. Len Carnesecca autographed the cover of a 1984 Madison Square Garden program. His signature is a 9. He was a highly successful coach at St. Johns for 24 seasons. 3. Bob McAdoo’s autograph, a 10, is on the cover of a 1980 NBA program. Rookie of the Year in 1973, McAdoo led the NBA in scoring 1974-76. Over a 14-year career, he averaged 22.1 points per game. 4. John Wooden on a 1977 NCAA Regional Tournament program. His ballpoint autograph is a 10. Wooden is in the Hall of Fame both as a player and as college basketball’s most successful coach. Bonus: Program signed by Joe O’Brien, who served as the executive director of the Hall of Fame. He coached at Assumption College and is in the New England Basketball Hall of Fame. Authen-ticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $55.

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Winning Bid $55    


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