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Day 2 - Wednesday, December 6   36 Lots       »   

Baseball Cards

Lot 220.  Old Mill Cigarettes Coupon with Expiration Date of June 30, 1911. Issued by the American Tobacco Co., the coupon is pasted onto a blank sheet of paper. It could conceivably have been used in the redemption of a number of sports issues, including T3s. Scarce.
Minimum Bid $15.

Lot 221.  9 Stadium Postcards Including 3 Pre-Linens. The pre-linen pcs are: 1. Polo Grounds, American Art Publishing, R-37734, McGraw in upper right corner, vg. 2. “Wrigley Field, Chicago, Home Grounds of Chicago Cubs, 113804, Curt Teich, mailed in 1927, g. 3. “44 Briggs Stadium, Detroit, Mich.,” United News, g-vg. The other six are chromes: 4. Astrodome interior, exterior, AC-35, postally used 1969, vg-ex. 5. “Philadelpha Veterans Stadium and Sports Complex,” #317, Wyco Colour, vg-ex. 6. “Tigers at Home,” Tigers Stadium, 82301-B, Dexter Press, g. 7. Comiskey Park II, “Chicago White Sox” on front, oversized, 1991, vg+ to ex. 8. Busch Stadium, “Saint Louis the Gateway to the West,” oversized, trimmed. 9. Al Lang Stadium, St. Petersburg, ex+.
Winning Bid $68.

Lot 222.  3 Different 1930s Baseball Magazine Player Posters. 1937 Feller and 1938 Gordon, both ex with small album impressions in the corners. Also, St. Louis Cardinals, National League Champions, 1930 p-f.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 223.  1933 DeLong, Tattoo Orbit Cards with Dizzy Dean + a 1917 Baseball Card Game. The three R305 Tattoo Orbit cards are Dean p+ to f, and James J. Levey and Bud Tinning, both p-f. The R333 Delong is #9 Urbanski f. The untitled card game features black and white fronts with generic players representing New York, Chicago, St. Louis and Boston. The blue backs show Reach equipment. Complete and nm-m in the original ex+ box.
Winning Bid $204.

Lot 224.  Scarce Uncataloged Premium Photo of the 1936 Chicago White Sox. Photo is 3 ¼” x 5 3/8”and vg. Luke Appling, Monty Stratton and Ted Lyons were members of this team.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 225.  17 Different 1936 Goudey “Wide Pen” Premiums. Players are Berger, Byrd, Camilli, Wes Ferrell, Freitas, Gelbert, Grace, Haas, Hallahan, MacFayden, Moore, Moses, Riggs, Luke Sewell, Stone, Travis, Werber. This group averages f-g to g; six have pin holes..
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 226.  6 Different 1936 National Chicle “Fine Pens.” Blanton, Camilli Catches Jurges, Jose Gomez, Walker, Whitney, Chicago City Series: Washington Safe. Overall, f-g; five have pin holes.
Winning Bid $9.

Lot 227.  1936 Real-Photo PCs of St. Petersburg’s “Three Quarter Century Baseball Team.” Two two-panel postcards, one 3 ½” x 9 ½” and the other 3 ½” x 11”. The smaller pc shows 30 players lined up. Most are in their 70s, and one is 105 years old. The larger pc shows spectators at the game. Both are ex with sharp photos. All four panels may have been together at one time.
Minimum Bid $25.

Lot 228.  1939 Baseball Magazine Ted Williams 9 ½” x 12” Premium. This premium has a small pieces of tape in three corners. It also has an uneven “line” in the lower right corner of the photo where ink coverage is incomplete. Otherwise, a clean vg-ex appearance.
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 229.  1940 PM10 Baseball Player Pin of Cliff Melton, New York Giants Pitcher. In his rookie season in 1937, Melton went 20-9 to help the Giants win the N.L. pennant. Ex-m.
Winning Bid $20.

Lot 230.  Mostly Vintage Postcard Collection, Including Locals. Two local pcs picture the Columbus team, champions of the American Association, and the S.A.A. (? Athletic Association) team in a real photo. Published by the Columbus Dispatch, the Columbus pc is vg+ to ex. Except for a tiny pin hole at the top, the S.A.A. pc is ex. A third local postcard, a real photo, shows “Our Star Pitcher.” He appears to be on a pier with a ship’s crew in the background. Vg+ to ex. Two 1956-63 Artvue B&W HoF Plaque PCs, Type 2, feature Babe Ruth, ex-m, and Ty Cobb, nm. Pictured in 1970 N.Y. Yankees Clinic Schedule PCs are Curt Blefary, ex+, and Gene Michel, ex. Dizzy Dean, Frank Frisch and Swish Nicholson are the subjects of newer postcards.
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 231.  1947, 1949 Photos Issued by the Philadelphia Athletics. The 1947 issue consists of nine 7” x 10” printed pictures of Ferris Fain, Gene Handley, Eddie Joost, Dave Keefe, Barney McCosky, Buddy Rosar, Al Simmons (g-vg), Pete Suder (nm-m) and Elmer Valo. Vg to vg-ex unless noted. The glossy 8” x 10” sepia photo of the 1949 team also is offered. Vg because of edge creases; displays better.
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 232.  Baseball Cards Including Musial, Ashburn and Garagiola. 5 These cards are from the 1940s-60s. 1. 1949 Bowman #143 Dillinger g. 2. 1952 Topps #289 Holmes f-g (ex card with two clipped corners). 3. 1953 Bowman #21 Garagiola vg-ex. 4. 1959 Topps #300 Ashburn ex-m. 5. 1961 Topps #290 Musial ex.
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 233.  1949 Chicago White Sox Team-Issued Near Set. Includes 25 of 30. Missing Bradley, Goodwin, Pearson, Wallaesa and the team picture. Key players present are Appling, Faber and Lyons. Close-up, these cards show very slight glue residue on the blank backs. Six have minor back damage, and Lyons is g-vg. Generally, the fronts are very strong with an ex to ex-m appearance. Overall, vg+ to ex with some less and many better.
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 234.  1950 All-Star “Pin-Up” Book Cover. At one time, in front of this back cover, were “punch ‘em out!” pin-ups of Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Stan Musial, Jackie Robinson and other baseball stars. The players are gone, but the cover remains with a photo of Williams on one side and player statistics on the other. The covers are uncommon. G-vg as separated from the strip with the punch holes.
Winning Bid $25.
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