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Baseball Photography   2 Lots      

Lot 50.  World Champion 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates with Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford. This beautiful black and white 11” x 17” photo captures the Pirates team with the Hollywood stars on the set of the movie “Don Quixote.” While it grades vg due to some inoffensive creasing, it displays as ex. It is professionally matted and framed with two typed letters from Barney Dreyfus on “Pittsburgh Athletic Company” stationary. Both letters are to C. B. Shelton, a minor league player with the Pirates Durham club. The Dreyfus signatures appear to be identical to exemplars. At the end of each signature, however, is the letter “R,” suggesting that they are secretarial. The lithographed letterhead is outstanding, and the photo is large and impressive. It shows Fairbanks and Pickford with Pie Traynor, Kiki Cuyler, Paul Waner, Babe Adams and a host of other Pirates.
Winning Bid $400.

Lot 54.  Wire Photo of Paul Waner Collecting His 3,000th Hit, 16 Other Waner Photos. After 15 Hall of Fame seasons in Pittsburgh, Waner concluded his career with stops in Brooklyn, Boston and New York. On June 19, 1942, playing for the Braves, he joined the 3,000-hit club with a run-scoring single off former teammate Rip Sewell. The 8” x 10” AP Wirephoto capturing the event is from the archives of the Philadelphia Record. G+ to vg photo with some retouching for newspaper publication; filing label at the bottom. Paul is shown in 15 other photos, including one with Lloyd, his brother. Lloyd alone is the subject of one photo. Highlights include Paul signing his 1938 contract, with Heine Manush, catching a crab, as a hospital patient and as a champion amateur golfer. Five photos are about 8” x 10”, six 7” x 9”, three 5” x 10” and three smaller. They average vg.
Winning Bid $175.
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