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Pittsburgh Steelers

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Lot 410.  New York Giants 25th Anniversary Program for a 1949 Game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers won the Oct. 16 game, the Giants’ home opener, 21-17. The 20-page ex program has photos of the Giants’ 1925 starting 11, as well as 1949 players, including Charley Conerly, Bill Swiacki, John Cannady, Joe Scott and the coach, Steve Owen. Several Steelers and Johnny Lujack and Sid Luckman also are pictured. The Steelers’ roster includes rookie halfback and future Hall of Fame executive Jim Finks. Al DeRogatis is among the Giants’ rookies on the roster.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 412.  Nov. 27, 1949 Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Program. Playing at Shibe Park, the Steelers became another victim in the Eagles 11-win championship season, 34-17. The vg 30-page program is illustrated with three pages of Eagles player photo and a two-page spread featuring the Steelers team. Among the players shown are Alex Wojciechowicz, Pete Pihos, Frank Kilroy, Steve Van Buren, Tommy Thompson, Al Wistert, Chuck Bednarik, Jim Finks, Elbie Nickel and Bill McPeak.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 414.  Dec. 4, 1949 Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Bears Program. Chicago won, 30-21, at Wrigley Field. The 52-page program is ex. It has photos of the coaching staffs for each team and pages or partial pages of player photos. Pictured players include George McAfee, Johnny Lujack, Sid Luckman, George Blanda, Fred Davis, Bulldog Turner, George Connor, Ken Kavanaugh and Steve Suhey.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 415.  Aug. 13, 1950 Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Colts Pre-Season Game Program. These Colts originated in the All-America Conference in 1947. With Cleveland and San Francisco, they joined the National Football League in 1950. Unlike the Browns and 49ers, they folded for financial reasons after only one season. The 24-page vg+ program (including covers) is for a game at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. The Colts’ Y. A. Tittle and the Steelers’ Joe Geri, a halfback, are on the cover. Inside are photos of Adrian Burk, Billy Stone, Lamar Davis, Barry French, Dick Barwegan and others for the Colts, and Bob Davis, Val Jasante, Bobby Gage and Jerry Shipkey for the Steelers.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 419.  Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Program for a Nov. 5, 1950 Game. The Steelers and Giants finished the 1950 season with identical 6-6 records. Pittsburgh picked up one of its victories in this game at Shibe Park, 9-7. The 36-page program is ex+ and offers photos of players from both teams – rookie Norman (“Wild Man”) Willey, Tommy Thompson, Steve Van Buren, Pete Pihos, Chuck Bednarik, Frank Kilroy, Alex Wojciechowicz, Vic Sears, Jim Finks, Elbie Nickel, Pittsburgh rookies Lynn Chandnois and Fran Rogel, and others. Rookie Ernie Stautner is on the Steelers’ roster, but not shown.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 422.  Oct. 28, 1951 Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Cardinals Program. At Comiskey Park, the Steelers were 28-14 victors. The 28-page vg+ program has photos of Curly Lambeau, the Cardinals’ head coach, and players Bill Cross, Don Paul, Emil Sitko, Elmer Angsman, Charley Trippi, Frank Tripucka and Don Stonesifer. Ernie Stautner, Val Jasante, Ray Mathews, Elbie Nickel, Lynn Chandnois and Jim Finks are shown for the Steelers. A half-page photo presents Notre Dame graduates who participated in the Cardinals’ training camp. Biographical sketches of the Cardinals players are included.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 430.  Dec. 14, 1952 Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Rams Program. On “Bob Waterfield Day” at the LA Memorial Coliseum, the Rams defeated the Steelers, 28-14, to end the season tied with Detroit for the NFL National Conference title. The 22-page program has a vg+ to ex appearance but is missing pages 19 and 20, and the leaf with pages 5 and 6 is loose. It has a full-page photo of Steelers coach Joe Bach and a two-page spread with photos of Rams players, including Tom Fears, Elroy Hirsch, Norm Van Brocklin, Andy Robustelli and Tank Younger. A full page is devoted to Waterfield, who retired at the end of the season. He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1965.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 433.  Oct. 17, 1953 Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Program. Twenty-four page ex-m program from a 23-7 Eagles’ win at Connie Mack Stadium. The Steelers and the New York Giants, the Eagles’ next opponent, each receive a page of photos, with such stars as Jim Finks, Lynn Chandnois, Ernie Stautner, Fran Rogel and Ted Marchibroda for Pittsburgh and Frank Gifford, Emlen Tunnell, Roosevelt Brown, Kyle Rote, Charley Conerly and Arnie Weinmeister for New York. The Eagles shown include Jess Richardson, Bobby Walston, Bucko Kilroy, Adrian Burk, Chuck Bednarik, Wild Man Willey, Tom Brookshier, Pete Pihos and Skip Giancanelli.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 436.  Dec. 4, 1954 Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants Program. The Giants were 24-3 winners at the Polo Grounds. The 20-page program is vg-ex and has photos of two future Pro Football Hall of Fame coaches, Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry, in their rookie seasons as NFL coaches. Lombardi was the Giants’ offensive coordinator, and Landry, the team’s defensive coordinator. Charlie Conerly, Bob Schnelker, Dick Nolan and other Giants are pictured. Fran Rogel and Pat Brady are shown for Pittsburgh.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 438.  7 1950s Steelers Programs vs. the Eagles, Redskins, Giants, Rams and Cardinals. One ticket stub is also part of this collection. The six programs span 1955-59. Two are for Pittsburgh Steelers home games at Forbes Field: 1. Oct. 15, 1955 vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. The Steelers won, 13-7, as Jim Finks and Lynn Chandnois scored on short runs. Vg-ex 26-page program with a page showing 9 Eagles players. 2. Sept. 30, 1956 vs. the Washington Redskins. In the season opener, the Steelers scored first and in every quarter to rout the Redskins, 30-13. Lynn Chandnois scored three touchdowns, twice on runs and on a 17-yard pass from quarterback Ted Marchibroda. Ex 24-page program with a Steelers team photo and individual photos of Lowell Perry, Frank Varrichione and Bill McClung for Pittsburgh and Eddie LeBaron, Leo Elter and Gene Brito for the Redskins. Three programs are for road games against the New York Giants: 3. Oct. 23, 1955, Pittsburgh 19 and New York 17 at the Polo Grounds. The 20-page vg-ex program has full-page articles with photos on Charley Conerly and Alex Webster. There are photos of Ben Agajanian, Tom Landry, Ray Wietecha and other Giants, and Ray Mathews and Lynn Chandnois for Pittsburgh. 4. Oct. 26, 1958 vs. the Giants at Yankee Stadium, where the Giants defeated the Steelers, 17-6. Ex, 32 pages, with photos of Charley Conerly, Em Tunnell, Frank Gifford, Roosevelt Grier, Don Maynard and Pat Summerall for the Giants and Bobby Layne and Ernie Stautner for the Steelers. 5. Nov. 15, 1959 vs. the Giants. In this game at Yankee Stadium, the Steelers limited the Giants to three Pat Summerall field scores and scored on touchdown passes to Jimmy Orr and Tom Tracy for a 14-9 upset win. The loss was one of only two for the Giants, NFL Eastern Conference Champions with a 10-2 record at season’s end. A TICKET STUB from the game is stapled to page 1 of the program, which is vg+ to ex with 32 pages. The stub is vg. One of the remaining programs is for a Steelers game with Chicago, and the other, for a game with Los Angeles: 6. Oct. 2, 1955 Steelers vs. Los Angeles Rams, LA Memorial Coliseum. The Steelers had a 4-8 record in 1955. This was one of their losses – a 27-26 defeat. Vg+ 22-page program with two full pages of player photos for each team. 7. Dec. 22, 1957 vs. Chicago Cardinals at Comiskey Park, where the Steelers defeated the host Cardinals, 27-2. Vg+ with the centerfold loose, 28 pages, Cardinals player photos on one-half of seven pages.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 444.  Pittsburgh Steelers-Cleveland Browns Program for a 1960 Pre-Season Fundraiser Game. The teams met on Aug. 18 at Forbes Field in the Fifth Annual Shrine Game. Proceeds benefited Shriner’s Hospital for Crippled Children. The vg+ to ex program contains 30 pages of photos and information. Jim Brown and Lou Groza are among the Browns pictured, and the program has small photos of Jimmy Orr, Tom Tracy and several other Steelers.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 447.  12 Pittsburgh Steelers Media Guides, 1974-2002. The six earlier guides are in a 4” x 9” format, and the five more recent editions are 5.5” x 8.5”. Among the 1974 Steelers, Super Bowl VIII champions, were rookies Jack Lambert, John Stallworth, Lynn Swann and Mike Webster, all future Hall of Fame members. The guide contains a write-up on each player without a photo. The 1982 guide marks the Steelers’ 50th anniversary, and the 2002 edition, the team’s 70th. These publications range from 100 pages in 1974 to 396 in 2002. Chuck Noll is on the 1988 cover. The 2000 guide commemorates the closing of Three Rivers Stadium, and the 2001 issue, the opening of Heinz Field. Other guides are from 1977, 1986, 1987 with a discussion of rookie Rod Woodson, 1991, 1998 with photos of rookies Alan Faneca and Heinz Ward, and 1999. The 1974 guide is vg+ to ex, and the others average ex to ex-m.
Winning Bid $30     

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