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Pittsburgh Pirates Collectibles

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Lot 401.  Impressive, Strong 1971 Image of Roberto Clemente. The future Hall of Fame outfielder smiles broadly in this wonderful 5” x 9” black & white photo after belting a walk-off home run to give his Pittsburgh Pirates a 2-1 victory in 17 innings against San Diego. The marathon competition took place on July 16, 1971 at Three Rivers Stadium. (Printing on the back of the photo incorrectly lists the final score as 4-3.) The victory was one of 97 that placed the Pirates first in the N.L. East Division at season’s end. After eliminating the San Francisco Giants in four NLCS games, they required seven games, one in extra innings, to claim the World Championship in a series with Baltimore. Clemente was voted the Series MVP. Close-up, this photo shows several small, extremely light creases. At a standard distance, it displays magnificently and is among the most attractive images of Clemente ever captured by any camera.
Winning Bid $225     

Lot 404.  190 Pittsburgh Pirates 1970s-80s Photos – Blyleven, Gossage, Parker, Etc. These 8” x 10” black & white photos have the Pirates wearing their pillbox caps in team-issued photos, which were often used for promotional purposes. The collection includes Bert Blyleven (2), Goose Gossage and Dave Parker (2). Seventy-five different players are represented. Almost 100 of the photos, from 1982-88, have two images – an action photo and a portrait. More than 80 photos are portraits dated 1977-88. These photos generally are nm. Nice collection.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 464.  8 Signed Photos with a Pittsburgh Connection –1 Baseball and 7 Football Autographs. All of the photos are color 8 x 10s, nm-m or better. The lone baseball signer is Pedro Alvarez, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ third baseman from 2010-14 and their first baseman in 2015. In 2013, he led the N.L. in home runs, was an All-Star and received a Silver Slugger award. His autograph is nm-m 8 to mint 9. All but one of the football autographs are by Pittsburgh Steelers. The exception is LaVar Arrington, a star linebacker for the Washington Redskins. A linebacker and running back during his senior year at North Hills High School near Pittsburgh, Arrington was one the nation’s top players. He was named the 1996 “Parade” National Player of the Year, the Bobby Dodd National High School Back of the Year, the “Gatorade” Player of the Year and “USA Today” Pennsylvania Player of the Year. Subsequently at Penn State, he was a two-time first-team All-American and, in 1999, received the Butkus, Bednarik and Lambert Awards. His autograph is strong on a partially dark background, nm 7 to nm-m 8. Steelers’ autographs are by: Cam Heyward, one of the team captains and a four-time Pro Bowl selection at defensive end. Earl Holmes, a linebacker, 1996-2001. Chris Hoke, a defensive lineman, 2001-11. Carnell Lake, a four-time Pro-Bowl safety, 1989-98. And Shaun Suisham, the Steelers’ 2010-15 placekicker with holder (and punter) Jeremy Kapinos (2010-12) in two different photos. The Steelers’ autographs are nm-m 8 and better. Heyward’s is mint 9 to gem mint 10. The signed photos are accompanied by an 8” x 10” color photo of the 1972 Pittsburgh Pirates team. Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell are in the photo.
Winning Bid $25     

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