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Pittsburgh Pirates

  31 Lots       »   

Lot 241.  5 Different Pittsburgh Forbes Field Circa 1909-1911 Pre-Linen Postcards. All of these postcards have color fronts and divided backs, and all but one are borderless. 1. No. 24777 on the front, aerial view of Forbes Field, “New Base Ball Stadium and Park, Pittsburg, Pa” at the top left on the front, no publisher. Addressed on the back and dated July 27, 1909, but not mailed. Ex-m to nm. 2. No. 2795 on the front, “Entrance to Forbes Field, Pittsburg, Pa.” in the upper left, fans leaving the ball park, no bunting shown. This postcard was postally cancelled on Sept. 21, 1911. G-vg. 3. No. 29048 on the back, aerial view from the outfield with the ball park empty, “Pittsburgh, Pa. Interior, Ball Park.” in the lower left and “Photo Copyrighted 1909 by Pittsburgh Athletic Co.” at the lower right. The R. W. Johnston Studios Inc., of Pittsburgh issued the postcard, which was printed in Germany. The card was addressed but not mailed. G-vg with a chipped upper right corner. 4. No. A65513 on the back, “Entrance to Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, Pa.” in the lower left border, published by Robbins & Son of Pittsburgh. The photo shows a few fans waiting to enter the park and a newsboy. Unused and vg+ to ex. 5. No. 24789, essentially the same photo as A65513 above, “Forbes Field, Champion Pirates’ Base Ball Park, Pittsburg, Pa.” across the top and centered to the left. Unused and ex-m.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 285.  1943 Program for the Comedians vs. Leading Men “World’s Funniest Baseball Game.” Benefitting Mount Sinai Hospital and Clinic in Los Angeles, this event was staged on Oct. 10 at Wrigley Field. The 12-page program contains six pages of photos, including Xavier Cugat, Spike Jones, Veronica Lake, Deanna Durbin, Dorothy Lamour, Buster Keaton, Milton Berle, Dick Powell, Mary Pickford, Red Skelton, Joe E. Brown, Fred MacMurray and John Wayne. Vg with splits of about one inch at the top and bottom of the spine and “Remember this?” added to the front cover. MB $15.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 288.  Program, Ticket Stub for the May 21, 1944 Philadelphia at Pittsburgh Game. The black-on-green ticket, which features a Pirates’ mascot on the front, is clean and free of creases. Ex+. The back of the program has been affixed to a scrapbook page. The front cover promotes War Bonds. The 16-page program shows pre-printed lineups and has been scored in pencil. Except for the gluing of the back cover, the program is vg. The Pirates won this game, 4-3. The program includes a photo of Bob Prince, then a local sportscaster who joined the Pirates’ radio broadcast team in 1948. Among the Pirates pictured are Frankie Frisch and Preacher Roe.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 292.  Pittsburgh Baseball Club “Pirate Knot Hole Club” 1953 Season Pass. The front of the pass, numbered “30814,” features the Pirates’ early 1950s logo and the facsimile signature of John W. Galbreath, team president. The owner’s name is lightly written on in pencil, and “715” has been added in pen as the “Agency No.” Conditions for using the pass are on the back. Vg.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 294.  1960 Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Yankees World Series Program. A team photo of the 1960 American League champions spreads across the front and back covers of this 52-page unscored program. Individual players’ photos with brief biographical sketches are presented inside for both teams. In this series, the Yankees outscored the Pirates, 53-27, and New York’s Bobby Richardson was named the series MVP. Nevertheless, Bill Mazeroski’s 9th inning walk-off home run of Game 7 made the Pirates World Champions. Vg+ cover with ex pages.
Winning Bid $185     

Lot 295.  Full Unused Ticket from a May 30, 1962 Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Game. This ticket for Field Box 48 Row AA Seat 4 is part of a season ticket package (as indicated on the front of the ticket). Roberto Clemente collected three hits, Dick Stuart drove in two runs and Smoky Burgess sent another runner home as the Pirates defeated the Cardinals in this game, 3-1. Earl Francis was the winning pitcher. The ticket, made from relatively thin paper, is clean and vg-ex.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 299.  1971 Baltimore at Pittsburgh World Series Game 4 Ticket Stub – for the First Series Night Game. A program is also included. The Pirates defeated the Orioles to capture baseball’s 1971 world championship in seven games. One of the victories came in Game 4 on Oct. 13 when the two teams met at Three Rivers Stadium in baseball’s first World Series game at night. Pittsburgh came from behind to win 4-3, with Bob Robertson scoring the winning run on a pinch-hit single by Milt May. The ticket stub is vg with the rain check almost detached. Pages 32-40 are missing from the 72-page program, which otherwise has an f-g cover and vg pages.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 300.  1979 Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Ticket Stub and 1970, 1971 NLCS Stubs. The 1979 Pirates defeated Baltimore in seven games to capture the World Championship. Willie Stargell was the MVP. The stub for Game 3 at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh is g-vg with a crease, two holes from a staple and a name printed on the back. Baltimore won this game, 8-4. The 1970 National League Championship Series stub is for Game 1 in Pittsburgh. The Cincinnati Reds defeated Pittsburgh, 3-0 in 10 innings, after Gary Nolan of the Reds and Dock Ellis of the Pirates each pitched nine scoreless innings. The Reds swept the series in three games. The stub is vg+ to ex. The 1971 stub, f-g, is for Game 4 in Pittsburgh with San Francisco. The Pirates beat the Giants 9-5 to end the series. They then went on to beat Baltimore in the World Series.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 326.  Framed Honus Wagner Vintage Ad and Facsimile Signature. An advertisement for Bradley Knit Wear features an excellent portrait of Wagner by American illustrator J. F. Kernan, who specialized in portraits and scenes representing middle-class life. From 1910-40, his works appeared on the covers of “The Saturday Evening Post,” “Collier’s,” “Outdoor Life” and other popular magazines. The ad contains a quote attributed to Wagner mentioning Ty Cobb. Beneath the ad is Wagner’s facsimile signature. The ad itself, which has a ½” edge tear, a corner crease and an area of very light soiling, is approximately 6 ¼” x 9 ¼”. It has been professionally matted and framed to 13 5/8” x 18 ¼”. A “Baseball Magazine” premium with this same portrait sold for $450
Winning Bid $185     

Lot 328.  3 1910-30s Ads Featuring Pittsburgh Pirates Including the Waner Brothers. A 6.5” x 9.5” page from a 1910 issue of “Baseball Magazine Advertiser offers a 30” x 9” Photogravure Picture of the “World’s Champions” Pirates team. Although Pittsburgh won the 1909 World Series, the ad promotes “The World’s Champions 1910.” The photo shows “the Entire Team – Twenty-five Players in all.” The left border of the page has two chips approximately ½” each, a third about 1/16” and a ½” tear. Matted and framed, the page would display well. Pirates’ catcher George Gibson is featured in a 1910 Coca-Cola ad on newsprint. The 5.25” x 6.75” has been matted to 8” x 10.” It recognizes the Pittsburgh catcher this way: “George Gibson of the Pittsburg Nationals (Champions of the World) led the League as catcher with a percentage of .983 and caught more games than any other catcher last year.” In return for a 2-cent stamp, the ad offer “our booklet ‘The Truth About Coca-Cola’ and the Coca-Cola Baseball Record Book for 1910.” Besides baseball information, the premium “contains the famous poem ‘Casey at the Bat’.” The ad, which includes an illustration of Gibson, has an ex-m appearance. A third ad promotes the 1930s “Waners’ Baseball Game.” Along with the game, both Paul and Lloyd Waner are pictured in the ad, which is framed to 9.5” x 12.25.” The ad sells the game this way, for $1.50: “Boys-It’s Here….a Real Indoor Baseball Game! Waners’ Baseball Game…Fascinating, Educational, Easy to Play-Loads of Fun.” As framed, the ad has an ex-m+ appearance.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 345.  1950s-1960s Pittsburgh Pirates Beanie. Made with a green felt-like material, the beanie features an uncommon pirate with a patch over his right eye and a dagger in his teeth. A gold stripe creates a border at the bottom of the beanie, which has several small stains. The Pirates logo and the beanie itself display well.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 347.  Vernon Law and Roger Maris Wiffle Ball Box. This box, which once held a Wiffle Ball, has been flattened and displays nicely. Portraits of Law and Maris appear on the top flap with their endorsement: “Vernon Law of the Pittsburgh Pirates recommends - Wiffle Ball - Recommended by Roger Maris of the New York Yankees.” A price of 39 cents is also indicated. There are creases on the back panel and right side panel and some modest soiling throughout the box’s surface.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 348.  17 ½” x 22 ½” Cardboard Poster with the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 1959 Home Schedule. The poster in red ink on a white background provides a detailed interior view of Forbes Field’s seating options. It also presents the team’s schedule of 1959 home games. The top of the poster advertises “Martinellis – Sportsmen’s Headquarters Restaurant-Hotel” north of Pittsburgh. The poster also promotes the “Tuesday, July 7 Major League All Star Game at Forbes Field.” It has a ½” chip on the right border and a moderate amount of creasing and soiling on the front and blank back. This 61-year-old relic of a distant era would look great if matted and framed for display.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 349.  2 Pittsburgh Pirates Glasses – One from the 1960 Championship Season. Both glasses display a logo that the Pirates began using in 1934. Generally, it was discontinued in 1957. Nevertheless, the logo in white is one side of a cocktail or lowball glass with “Pittsburgh” above. The opposite side proclaims “World Champions 1960.” Baseball stitching is on both sides. A tumbler 5 1/8” tall displays a larger version of the same logo in black and red with “Pirates” in bold red letters beneath. Both glasses are mint.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 360.  1939, 1941 Newspaper File Photos of Paul and Lloyd Waner. In an 8” x 9” photo from an unidentified newspaper dated May 15, 1941, the Waner brothers, as Pittsburgh Pirates, look out from a dugout. They play cards in a 6.5” x 8.5” Philadelphia Record photo from Sept. 1, 1939. The 1941 photo shows newspaper editing which indicates that the newspaper used only Paul’s image. A caption on the back simply says “Paul Waner - An ex-Dodger, who soon may be a Phil.” Near the end of his career, Waner was released by the Pirates at the end of the 1940 season. He signed with the Dodgers Jan. 31, 1941, and they released him on May 11. Instead of joining the Phils, however, Waner signed with the Boston Braves on May 24. Editing aside, the photo is ex with a couple of small edge creases. The 1939 photo has newspaper edit marks, primarily at the edges, and a filing label. They could by matted out in displaying the photo, which is technically g-vg but looks better. The photo as used in the newspaper and a caption are on the back. Both Waners had Hall of Fame careers as outfielders. Paul was inducted at Cooperstown in 1952, and Lloyd, in 1967.
Winning Bid $273     

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