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Non-Sport Memorabilia

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Lot 695.  Rare, Vintage 45-Star U.S. Flag Mailing Envelope Postmarked 1898. The envelope displays three rows of seven stars and three more of eight stars. Mailed from Hatboro, Pa., to Willow Grove, Pa., it was lightly folded vertically and has a light stain where the stamp was removed and a small stray ink mark. Vg-ex. The envelope measures 3.5” x 6”. The back is blank.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 696.  25 Tonnesen Sisters Picture Supplements from the 1900-01 “Washington Times.” In 1890, Beatrice Tonnesen of Chicago pioneered the use of photo illustrations in advertising. Her idea caught on, and her business became extremely successful. In the mid-1890s, with her sister Clara, she formed Tonnesen Sisters. Clara handled the administrative aspects of the business, and Beatrice concentrated on the creative end. They also formed one of the country’s first modeling agencies. Having their own group of models gave them a competitive edge over others who entered the photo illustration business. In 1900 and 1901, their models and photos appeared as printed picture supplements in the “Washington Times.” Offered here are 23 of their photo images, along with two similar photos, one attributed to Pettibone Sawtell & Co. and the other, to A.L. Swift & Co., both of Chicago. All of the supplements are black and white, and generally, about 7” x 9.25”. All of the pictures show women or girls. The photo composition is excellent. Some of the supplements were glued into scrapbooks and have minor residue on the blank backs. They average vg-ex, with some better, some less. Outstanding!
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 697.  25 Different Early 1900s Cigarette Ads – Fatima, Helmar, Omar, Etc. Many of these ads, all taken from magazines, present attractive illustrations. We have identified them by brand and size – Large, about 10.5” x 14”; Medium, generally about 7.5” x 11” to 8” x 11.5”; and Small, about 6” x 9” to 6.5” x 10”. Most of the ads are ex, free of anything beyond minor light creases, some with edge tears outside the image, and a couple with rough edges. Here is the list: Blue Boar Rough Cut, from American Tobacco, L, rough cut right edge. Fatima (5 – 3L, 1M, 1S), from Liggett & Myers, attractive illustrations, two by Harry Morse Meyers with the same artwork, 1L and 1S. The back of one ad has another ad for Columbia Window Shades with an illustration by Walter Ratterman. These two ads are from a March 1928 magazine. Three other cigarette ads also have advertisements for other products on the reverse , including an art deco cat, a portrait of Woodrow Wilson and an unusual illustration for a piano company. Omar Cigarettes (7 – 2L, 4M, 1S), from American Tobacco. Five feature illustrations of gentlemen, and one gentlewoman, in outdoor walking or inside dining or home settings; these ads appear to be from 1918 and 1919. Two the same, 1L and 1S, from 1914 with Louis Fancher artwork, depict a sultan and his female companion. The reverse of one Omar ad has an unusual advertisement for the American Chain Co. Helmar (4 – 1L, 1M, 2S), from S Anargyros, two with men in turbans and a colorful ad with two men watching a well-dressed woman on a swing. The back of the large ad has an Omar ad, and the back of the small ad has an art deco illustration for Kelly Springfield Tires. Rames (1M), “The Aristocrat of Cigarettes,” with an illustration of Mount Vernon in the background. The reverse of the ad promotes the Victor Victrola. Luxury Cigarettes (1S), excellent illustration of a man and woman on a boat. Mogul Cigarettes (4S). One with a woman driving a car with a male passenger also promotes “Souvenir – College pennants, on leather, with each package.” Two have outdoor illustrations, and one has a photo showing tobacco from Turkey on boats. Murad (1S), with Hans O. Hofman artwork of a woman riding a turtle. Also, an ad for Velvet Tobacco for pipes (1L).
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 698.  Charles Lindbergh – “Lucky Lindy”- Vintage Sheet Music and Pin. In 1927 at the age of 25, Lindbergh became a national hero by making the first solo non-stop transatlantic flight. In 36 ½ hours, he flew his single-engine airplane, the “Spirit of St. Louis,” from New York City to Paris. His effort eclipsed the previous longest transatlantic flight by almost 2,000 miles. To honor Lindbergh, famous composer George M. Cohan wrote the song “When Lindy Comes Home.” It was published in the June 13, 1927 “Boston Evening American.” The four-page 10.5” x 14.25” insert to the newspaper is in p-f condition with numerous chips and a 5.5” horizontal tear on each page. The song and graphics are complete. Accompanying Cohan’s music is a red, white and blue pin with a photo of “Colonel Chas. ‘Plucky’ Lindbergh” and the times of his flight – “New York 7.51 A.M. May 20th Paris 5:21 P.M. May 21st.” With several thin cracks in the celluloid, the pin displays decently.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 699.  1936 “Around The World With Betty Jane. A New Quaker Girl Color Book.” This coloring book promotes rugs manufactured by the Armstrong Cork Products Co. of Lancaster, PA. The cover shows the outline of the world behind a little girl who sits on a steamer trunk. Inside are illustrations to be colored featuring Native Americans, Chinese, African, Eskimo, Dutch and Swiss children; these illustrations are linked to pictures of various rugs offered by the company. The publication consists of 16 pages, including the overs, on relatively heavy paper stock. Distributed by the Thompson Furniture Co. of Washington, D.C. Vg+ to ex.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 700.  14 Non-Sport First Day of Issue Envelopes and Stamps, 1938-78. They recognize: Air Mail Service 1938 (2). The Pony Express 80th anniversary, 1940. The Pan American Union 50th anniversary, 1940. The 75th anniversary of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution (Abolition of Slavery), 1940. Sun Yat Sen and China’s resistance of Japanese aggression, 1942. The 100th anniversary of U.S. postage stamps (featuring Washington and Franklin), 1947. Four “Immortal Chaplains” of World War II, 1948. Future Farmers of America 25th anniversary, 1953. Trucking Industry 50th anniversary, 1953. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 150th anniversary, 1955. American Institute of Architects 100th anniversary, 1957. Wilbur and Orville Wright, 75th Anniversary of Powered Flight, 1978. Ex overall.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 701.  4 Classic Games – American Flag, Scrabble, Bridge and Kentucky Derby. Among the less common board games is “The Great American Flag Game,” a 1940 offering from Parker Brothers. The game encourages players to learn the capitals of the 48 states and other historical information. The rules for the game are missing, and so are five of six 48-star flags. The playing board, flag and tokens that are present are ex+ in a g+ box that is complete. The spinner is g-vg and functional. The vintage “Scrabble” game, which has a 1949 copyright, is complete with the board, 100 tiles and four tile holders, all ex-m to nm or better. The box is vg+ to ex with wear on the corners and light wear on some edges. If you want to learn to play bridge, Chas. H. Goren’s “Bridge for One” could be just what you need. The 1967 game from Milton Bradley includes a vinyl playing mat; two pamphlets, “Basic Rules for Playing Contract Bridge” and “Bridge for One”; a score pad; a deck of cards; and holders for two card hands. These components are generally ex or better. The box is vg+. From Whitman Publishing, this collection includes the “Kentucky Derby Racing Game,” which has a 1938 copyright but may be a later edition. A spinner determines which horse progresses fastest from the post to the finish line. The competitors are 1920s-30s champions – Whirlaway, Citation, Twenty Grand, Seabiscuit and Gallant Fox. The spinner that determines which horse moves ahead is well used but remains functional. Vg game.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 702.  Christmas and Related Collectibles – Sheet Music, Catalogs, Children’s Books, Etc. 14 items. 1. Christmas card booklet with a “Complete Collection of the Henen Steiner Rice Verses (That Were) Read by Aladdin on the Lawrence Welk Show,” 1966 first edition, 36 pages, ex-m. 2. “The Night Before Christmas,” 9.5” x 11.75” children’s book, serrated edges, 12 pages illustrated by Florence Sarah Winship, vg, 3. “My Washington Home,” die-cut 7” x 12” publication with Santa Claus and The Palais Royal on the cover and “The Night Before Christmas” illustrated inside. P-f with the covers and pages separated. SHEET MUSIC: 4. “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town,” 1959, vg-ex. 5-6. “White Christmas,”1942 by Irving Berlin, two copies, vg+. 7. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” 1949 by Johnny Marks, g-vg. 8. “Let’s Go to Church,” 1950, by Steven Allen, photo of Jimmy Wakely and Margaret Whiting on the cover, g-vg. 9. “Silver Sleigh Bells,” 1906, covers separated, nice cover illustration, f. 10. “Sing of Christmas,” pulp-paper song book from the W. T. Grant department stores, 16 color-illustrated pages with 14 songs, 1943, ex. ALSO: 11. “Christmas Gifts for Every Member of the Family” 71-page color catalog from Western Auto, 1968, ex-m. 12. Advo “Savers” coupon publication, Santa Claus illustration on the cover, 1991, ex. 13. “The First Christmas: A Book of Old Legends,” 1946, 24 illustrated pages, softcover with stories and music for children, g. 14. Giftco “Train Station Ceramic Votive Candle Holder,” 3” x 4.25” x 4.5” tall, mint in the box.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 703.  10 “Life” Magazines with Star Actresses of the 1930s-50s on the Covers – Monroe, Harlow, Etc. Complete issues and, except as noted, with b&w covers and without mailing labels, featuring these stars: Claudette Colbert, Nov. 13, 1939, ex. Rita Hayworth, July 15, 1940, ex. Jean Harlow, May 3, 1937, sunning at the bottom outside the photo, vg-ex. Hedy Lamarr, Jun 1, 1942, label, ex. Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, May 25, 1953, color cover, label, vg-ex. Ginger Rogers, March 2, 1942, vg+. Rosalind Russell, Sept. 4, 1939, ex. Norma Shearer, Feb. 13, 1939, vg+ to ex. Shirley Temple, July 11, 1938, ex. And Loretta Young, Aug. 12, 1946, vg+ to ex. Colbert, Rogers, Shearer and Young received Academy Awards for Best Actress. Temple received a special Juvenile Academy Award.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 704.  2 “Look” and 3 “Life” Magazines with Shirley Temple Covers. From 1934-38, when she was six to 10 years old, Temple appeared in 29 films. For much of that time, she was No. 1 at the box office. In 1935, at the age of six, she became the youngest person to earn an Academy Award – an honorary Juvenile Academy Award. The magazines are complete; the 1958 “Life” has a label. “Look”: Dec. 21, 1927, color cover, vg+ with a small tear and small chip in the lower left. Nov. 16, 1943, attractive cover “presented in color by popular demand” after it had appeared on the cover of an earlier edition in b&w, ex. “Life”: July 11, 1938, b&w, vg+ to ex. March 30, 1942, b&w, ex+. And Feb. 3, 1958, Temple with her daughter, ex.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 705.  Stars of Movie and TV Westerns on Magazine Covers & Pages – Wayne, Mix, Cooper, Eastwood, Arness, Rogers, Etc. A portrait of Roy Rogers is on the cover of the Feb. 20, 1950 issue of “Quick,” vg+. Seven issues of “Life” have star photos: Gary Cooper (3), all without labels, Feb. 10, 1938, b&w cover, vg-ex; Oct. 7, 1940, b&w, ex; and July 16, 1956, color cover, Cooper with Tony Perkins, vg+ to ex. Paul Newman (with Joanne Woodward), non-Western color cover, label, ex. Robert Redford (as the Sundance Kid), Feb. 6, 1960, color, label, ex. Clint Eastwood, July 23, 1971, color, label, vg+ to ex. And John Wayne, Jan. 28, 1972, sepia photo, label, vg+ to ex. These actors are on magazine PAGES: James Arness of “Gunsmoke,” 1957 “Look,” four pages, ex. Warner Baxter as the Cisco Kid, Jan. 26, 1929 “Mid-Week Pictorial,” single page, ex. Chuck Connors, “The Rifleman,” 1960 “Life,” two pages, ex. Tom Mix (with his horse Old Blue), “The Ladies Home Journal,” March 1927, four pages, ex-m. Hugh O’Brien as Wyatt Earp, “The Saturday Evening Post,” 1958, five pages, ex. And John Payne of “The Restless Gun,” single page, g+ to vg. ALSO: A two-page magazine color spread with Hugh O’Brien, Jack Kelly and James Garner as Maverick, Dale Robertson from “Tales of Wells Fargo,” Will Hutchins of “Sugarfoot” and Clint Walker of “Cheyenne.” In addition, Richard Boone of “Have Gun – Will Travel” is on the back of one of the pages. Vg+ to ex. Plus the stars of “Bonanza,” eight pages from “Look,” 1964, ex.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 706.  Original Hartland 1950s Western Figure Collection. This lot consists of 7 very desirable pieces that are increasingly difficult to find. There are 4 gunfighters/historical figures and 3 horses. 809 Wyatt Earp (no horse). 816 Cochise and horse. 821 Tom Jeffords and horse. 822 Matt Dillon and horse. These figures have been played with and show wear but not abuse. The accessories are not here with the exception of the reins of Cochise’s horse.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 707.  Non-Sport Collection – 1940s Movie Stills, 1970s USPS Stamp Albums, Tarzan, Sports-Related Autographs, Etc. Clayton Moore – the “Lone Ranger” – is unmasked in three of the eight black & white 8” x 10” movie photos in this group. Moore was a star of the 1942 Republic Pictures 15-episode serial “Nyoka and the Tigermen,” also known as “Perils of Nyoka.” The plot centers on the efforts of Nyoka (Kay Aldridge), with help from Dr. Larry Grayson (Moore), to find the Golden Tablets of Hippocrates, which contain the medical knowledge of the Ancients, and gold and other treasure as well. Two villains are also searching for the tablets and treasure. The photos, all different, are ex with two or three minor border or corner creases. Four more photos are from another Republic serial, “Dick Tracy vs. Phantom Empire,” or “Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc.” Ralph Byrd starred as Dick Tracy. These photos are ex+. In 1976, the U.S. Postal Service issued a set of “commemorative stamps” in a special three-panel folder containing a description of each of the 13 new stamps. Among the subjects are the U.S. Bicentennial, the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin, the 1970 Olympics, Chemistry, the “Nativity” and Clara Mass, a 25-year-old nurse who gave her life in 1901 as a result of volunteering for an experiment to determine the cause of yellow fever. The folder is ex-m, and the stamps, nm-m. Most of the issues are represented by one stamp. A three-stamp panel is present for the Bicentennial; a four-stamp panel for the Declaration of Independence, and a four-stamp block for the Olympics. The USPS also produced a folder, or mini-album, with new stamp issues for 1972. Among the subjects are poet Sidney Lanier, the Peace Corps, Tom Sawyer, the Olympics, Christmas, Yellowstone Park, Mt. McKinley and Wildlife Conservation. Stamps for seven of the 19 subjects are glued into the album. For one subject, one of two stamps is glued in, and for another, two of four. Stamps for four subjects have minor residue on the back from being glued into the album and then removed. The stamps free of the album are generally ex to ex-m. Separate from the albums is a single 1981 stamp with Babe Zaharias, one of the greatest athletes ever. The stamp is nm-m. Six other items are in this collection: 1. The book “Tarzan’s Quest” by Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1936 stated first edition hardback, vg book and g-vg dust jacket. 2. Dust jacket for “The Beasts of Tarzan” by Burroughs, published by Grosset & Dunlap, vg. 3. Artwork on wood, 4.25” x 6”, dated 1945, p-f. 4. 1945 mini-calendar, g. 5. Keith Olbermann mint 9 signature on a 1984 letter on stationery for a Boston TV station; Olbermann writes that he has signed up to be a member of the Society for American Baseball Research. He has had a long career as a sports and political reporter, commentator and anchor, including work at ESPN, MSNBC and CNN. 6. David Hartman signature on a 1983 letter turning down an invitation to speak at the 1984 SABR convention. Nm-m 8 signature. He hosted ABC’s Good Morning American from 1975-87.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 708.  Bob Hope Collection. 1. “Quick” magazine, Nov. 28, 1949, Hope on cover, inside an article on “Bob Hope: America’s Favorite Comic,” g+ to vg. 2. “I Owe Russia $1200,” 1963 first edition hardback book by Hope, 272 pages, illustrated, vg dust jacket, vg-ex book. Picture on the dust jacket back of Hope with Bing Crosby. 3. Washington, D.C., “Sunday Star” TV magazine, “Why Bob Hope Goes to Vietnam,” 1968, vg+. 4. “I Never Left Home,” promoted as “Bob Hope’s own story of his trip abroad,” 1944 magazine format, humorously illustrated by Carl Rose, g-vg, 102 pages. 5. “Where There’s Life There’s Bob Hope,” 1957 picture biography by Lou Guild in magazine format, ex+. 6. “I Never Left Home” by Hope, Armed Services Edition, complete text without pictures, 1944, vg-ex. 7. “They Got Me Covered,” 1941 paperback with the introduction by Bing Crosby. Hope tells his life story while laughing at himself. Vg. 8. Group concerning “A Salute to Bob Hope” marking the 25th Anniversary of the U.S.O. in 1966, including an invitation, letter soliciting financial support and two press releases. Ex. The letter has the signature of Lewis B. Hershey, an Army general who served as the second director of the Selective Service System.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 709.  4 Vernon Kilns Music Masters Plates –Grieg, Liszt, Mendelssohn and Paderewski. These 8.5” circa 1950 plates are from a series honoring the world’s great composers. Each has a brief biological sketch on the back. Nm-m to mint.
Minimum Bid $20     

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