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Non-Sport Autographs

  12 Lots      

Lot 683.  President George H W Bush Autograph on an Official National League Baseball. Bush led the United States as President from 1989-93 after service as President Ronald Reagan’s Vice President from 1981-89. As a student at Yale, he was the first baseman and captain of the university’s baseball team. He played in two College World Series. Bush died in 2018. His autograph is mint 9 on the sweet spot of an ONL William White baseball that presents Bush’s image on the south panel. The ball is nm-m to mint.
Winning Bid $182     

Lot 684.  3 Autographed Books by Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States. Carter served as President from 1977-81. His signatures are mint 9 to gem mint 10. Two of the three books are first editions. 1. “An Outdoor Journal: Adventures and Reflections,” 1988 first edition, near fine book and vg-nf dust jacket. Carter’s signature is on the first title page is less hurried than in the two other books. 2. “Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis,” 2005, fine book, near fine dust jacket with a tiny scuff and a book seller’s label. The President’s signature is on the title page. 3. “A Remarkable Mother,” 2008 first edition, a loving tribute to Miss Lillian, his mother. Fine book and dust jacket, title page autograph.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 685.  8” x 10” B&W Photos Signed by 1940s or 1950s Republican Elected Officials. Both vintage autographs are from the collection of Jimmy Bigelow, “The Banjo King.” They are personalized to Bigelow and his wife. John W. Bricker, Ohio governor 1939-45, signed his photo in white. His signature is 8 of 10. Bricker ran unsuccessfully for U.S. vice president in 1944. Subsequently, he served two terms in the U.S. Senate. He died in 1986. William C. Cramer represented Florida in Congress from 1955-71. He died in 1983. The photo has a significant chip, which does not affect his signature, in the lower right corner. The signature is nm 7.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 686.  Gene Cernan Autographed Book “The Last Man on the Moon.” During the Apollo 11 mission, Cernan became the 11th person to walk on the moon. His signature is mint 9 on the title page of his book, “The Last Man on the Moon: Astronaut Eugene Cernan and America’s Race in Space.” The 1999 stated first edition hardback is nm in an ex-m+ dust jacket. Cernan wrote the book with Don Davis, a newspaper and wire service correspondent and a “New York Times” best-selling author. The astronaut died in 2017.
Winning Bid $68     

Lot 687.  Bing Crosby Autograph Dated 1971. Mint 9 signature on the 5.25” x 11” lid from a box that held a Golfer’s Gift Set of four coasters/ash trays. Above his autograph, Crosby wrote “Congratulations on your stirring victory.” Harry Lillis “Bing” Crosby, Jr. was one of the most popular and influential entertainers of the 20th century. One of the first multimedia stars, his records topped the charts 41 times. His radio ratings were strong, and his movies were among the most popular from 1930 to the mid-1950s. He recorded more than 1,600 songs and was featured in more than 70 movies. Crosby died in 1977.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 688.  4 Books Signed by Greg Hildebrandt and a Calendar Signed by Greg and His Brother Tim. The Hildebrandt twins were among the leading fantasy and science fiction artists of the second half of the 20th century. Notable works include “The Lord of the Rings,” “Magic: The Gathering,” “The Sword of Shannara” and a popular “Star Wars” movie poster. In 1992, Tim received the World Fantasy Award for Best Artist. In 2010, Greg was presented the Chesley Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists. And both brothers were awarded the Gold Medal by the Society of Illustrators. Tim died in 2006. Both Tim and Greg autographed the cover of a 1980 J.R.R. Tolkien desk calendar that contains their artwork. The signatures in silver are mint 9. They also placed mint 9 to gem mint 10 autographs on the second title page. Three of the books signed by Greg Hildebrandt are hardcovers produced without dust jackets, and one is a softcover. All of his autographs are on the first page inside the book; one signature is mint 9 and noted below. The others are gem mint 10. Here is a list of the books: “Greg Hildebrandt’s Fantasies Forever: A Story & Coloring Book,” 1985, 48 pages, ex-m to nm book. Each full page of artwork is accompanied by a full-page description. “Poe: Stories and Poems by Edgar Allen Poe,” 1986 first edition, nm-m book, mint 9 autograph. “Peter Pan,” 1987, nm-m book. And “Alice in Wonderland,” 1990 Bonded Leather first edition, wonderful book in a 10.25” x 12.25” format, nm-m. Hildebrandt’s autograph on the illustrated flyleaf of this book is large (8” across) and gem mint 10.
Minimum Bid $30     

Lot 689.  Greg Hildebrandt Signed 1993 Limited Edition Poster – “The Gift of the Elf Queen.” His autograph in gold is gem mint 10. The magnificent image he created portrays Queen Galadriel in “Lord of the Rings” bestowing a brooch upon Aragorn as he begins his quest. Greg and his brother Tim first created “Lord of the Rings” illustrations in 1976 for a calendar published by Ballantine Books. This poster, No. 2001 of 5000, measure 25” x 38.75” and is ex-m to nm.
Minimum Bid $40     

Lot 690.  Sen. Ted Kennedy Autographed Letter and Photo. The signatures of the late U.S. Senator from Massachusetts are on a 1980 letter on Senate stationery and an 8” x 10” b&w photo. The signature at the close of a letter to a Rochester, N.Y., resident is ex-m 6 to nm 7. The photo has an ex 5 to ex-m 6 personalized autograph. A third letter from 2008 has a secretarial “Ted and Vicki Kennedy” signature. The letter is matted and framed to 16” x 27.75”. It comes with an unsigned note from the recipient of the items describing the circumstances under which he received them – including a statement that the framing cost him $140.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 691.  Maurice Sendak Autographed First Edition of “Brundibar.” Sendak gained wide recognition for his illustrations in his 1963 children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are.” In a survey almost 50 years later, readers of the “School Library Journal” identified it as their favorite picture book. Sendak received numerous awards for his books. In 1970, he was presented the third biennial Hans Christian Anderson Award for illustration; the award recognized his “lasting contribution to children’s literature.” In 2013, he was inducted into the New York Writers Hall of Fame. Tony Kushner wrote the text and Sendak created the illustrations for “Brundibar,” which is based upon a 1938 Czech opera and tells the story of little Aninku and her brother Pepicek, who must deal with the bully Brundibar, a hurdy-gurdy grinder, to help their sick mother. In 2003, the Chicago Opera Theatre produced Sendak and Kushner's adaptation of “Brundibar.” The “Brundibar” book is a 2003 stated first edition hardback, nm-m book and dust jacket. Sendak’s autograph on a blank page facing the first title page is mint 9. The award-winning author and artist passed away in 2012.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 692.  3 Books Signed by Derek Walcott, Nobel Prize Winning Poet and Playwright. In 1992, Walcott, from Saint Lucia in the West Indies, became the first Caribbean writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. His 1990 epic poem, “Omeros,” is generally regarded as his major achievement. It is reminiscent of “The Iliad.” The copy of “Omeros” offered here, a 1990 softcover edition, is ex and unsigned. Walcott signed the title page of three books. His signatures are mint 9 and gem mint 10. The autographed books are: “The Arkansas Testament,” 1987 softcover, nm; “The Bounty,” 1997 hardcover, an apparent first edition, nm-m book and nm dust jacket; and “What the Twilight Says: Essays,” 1998 stated first edition, nm-m book, ex-m dj. Walcott is professor of poetry at the University of Essex.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 693.  Autobiographies Autographed by Lauren Bacall, Jane Fonda and Sean Astin. Each actor signed the title page of the relevant book. All are hardcovers. 1. “By Myself and Then Some” by Lauren Bacall, 1978, nm-m book and ex-m+ dust jacket. Known for her distinctive voice and sultry looks, Bacall was rated 20th on a list of greatest female stars of classic Hollywood movies by the American Film Institute. In 2009, she received an Honorary Academy Award for her contribution to the Golden Age of motion pictures. Bacall died in 2014. Her autograph on her book’s title page is large and gem mint 10. 2. “My Life So Far” by Jane Fonda, 2005 stated first edition, nm-m book and nm dust jacket. Fonda’s signature is mint 9 to get mint 10 with a heart added. Known for political activism, Fonda has earned numerous acting awards – Academy Awards for “Klute” in 1971 and “Coming Home” in 1978, two awards from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, seven Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy, an American Film Institute Life Achievement Award and the Cecil B. DeMille Award. 3. “There and Back Again: An Actor’s Tale” by Sean Astin, 2004 stated first edition, mint book and nm-m dust jacket. Astin’s title page autograph is gem mint 10. Astin gained fame for his role in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and also is recognized for “The Goonies,” “50 First Dates,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and numerous other movie and TV performances.
Minimum Bid $40     

Lot 694.  3 Non-Sport Signed Books by Walter Cronkite, Garrison Keillor and Michael Moore. A diversity of information, opinion and reading entertainment complemented by three strong autographs characterizes this collection. “CBS Evening News” anchor Walter Cronkite (1916-2009), named “the most trusted man in America” in a 1972 opinion poll, autographed a bookplate at the 2001 Lakeside, N.Y., Foundation Annual Gala Dinner, where he was the guest speaker. The plate – with Cronkite’s gem mint 10 signature – is now on the flyleaf of his 1996 book, “A Reporter’s Life.” A stated first edition, the book is nm with a vg-ex dust jacket. Garrison Keillor’s autograph is gem mint 10 on the first title page of his 2014 book “The Keillor Reader,” ex book with some slight discoloration along the top page of the cover; vg dust jacket. Satirist, columnist, singer, storyteller, novelist, poet and screenwriter, Keillor created the Minnesota Public Radio Show “A Prairie Home Companion,” which he hosted from 1974-2016. Michael Moore, “New York Times” bestselling author, documentary filmmaker and political activist, placed his mint 9 to gem mint 10 autograph on the title page of his book, “Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life.” The hardback book, a 2011 stated first edition, and the dust jacket are ex-m+. Moore won the 2002 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for “Bowling for Columbine,” which dealt with the causes of the Columbine High School massacre. He also directed “Fahrenheit 9/11,” a documentary on President George W. Bush and the War on Terror. With receipts exceeding $119 million, it was the highest-grossing documentary ever in the U.S. and won an award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.
Winning Bid $25     

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